People trying to save their homes and wildlife from Wind Turbine bullies gets threats from Wind Company!

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Nextera Energy removed a Bald Eagle’s nest month ago that was getting in the way of their construction of wind turbines with the “blessing” of our own Government!

People rallied and took videos of this disgusting act and posted them on YouTube along with comments on what great harm this company along with all the other “Wind Grifters” are causing in our Province, again with OUR Government’s blessings!

People have been forced from their homes by these “less than honourable” industrialists and now our wildlife is being literally placed on a “hit list” by the same greedy green idiots!

When this incident went viral around the world, huge backlashes from bloggers and wildlife lovers began flooding in boxes, scientific circles and nature lover’s venues.

I guess it was just too much for Nextera to handle and away they went to their gaggle of lawyers to try and stifle the commentary. After all, if OUR own Government is willing to throw US “under the wind bus”, why wouldn’t Nextera believe they were being unfairly treated by a bunch of protesters (citizens) that are ruining their “reputation” for being “good corporate neighbours”!

One only has to spend a few minutes with a search engine and you will find this firm carries quite a large bag of garbage with them into Canada from the U.S.A. with them.

If one wants to rate a company one only has to read what their “employees” say about them! This link will open your eyes as to what the workers have to say about Nexterra! COMPANY Revues

Their reputation for being a “fair play” company is on shaky ground to say the least.

Look at the following post and then read the comments below to get a pretty quick picture of what this company stands for. It isn’t a pretty picture!

Word of advise to Nextera and any other “foreign” company wanting to do business in this country………….don’t try your strong arm tactics on Canadians ……we are still a DEMOCRACY!

Nexterror Energy sent me a ‘cease and desist demand’. What would you do?

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