Metrolinx wants Toronto to become a basket case!…….Why are they even allowed to operate???

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Where do we start with this gaggle of gerbils who know no bounds on their stupid, vindictive and economy destroying ideas that sound more and more like Dalton/Kathleen’s Liberals who have literally taken Ontario to the brink of bankruptcy with their spending and taxing philosophies!

Oh yeah…………….we have grid-lock in Toronto! It’s causing lack of productivity and loss of billions of dollars in what? In the pockets of politicians and bean counters in mega organizations like Metrolinx?

Geezuz!……..Toronto has had grid-lock going on since the 70’s………………….so where have these pencil heads been since then?……………..

But then Olivia Chow is banging her chest about it all the way to Ottawa as if she has found a cause that she can get her teeth into!

Don’t worry that Metrolinx has tabled 11 suggestions that should basically ruin Toronto’s tourist industry, housing industry, in fact any industry that would look at locating here!

What’s the end game here?. To have a city that resembles Amsterdam and everyone rides a bike to work? Everyone who lives in Toronto now knows only too well how expensive it is just to exist there let alone “get ahead”!

Gas taxes. extra licensing fees, huge parking fees and even bigger parking fines, house taxes, not to mention the daily commutes most have to undertake form the burbs just to get behind that desk for a ten hour day all add up to something that makes rural residents look like they are living in heaven!

Now Metrolinx wants to pump up the tax bills even higher.

Here’s their “short-list”. You tell me what could go wrong with this bunch of “ideas”!

  • Development charges.
  • Employer payroll tax.
  • Fuel tax.
  • High occupancy tolls.
  • Highway tolls.
  • Land value capture.
  • Parking space levy, including pay-for-parking transit stations
  • Property tax.
  • Sales tax.
  • Transit fare increase.
  • Vehicle kilometres travelled fee.

Here’s two suggestions right off the start that could save billions and allow that to be directed at infrastructure upgrades without sticking it to the over taxed citizen.

First, make the Liberals come up with the billion dollars they flushed down the toilet with the gas plant closures for their election seats. Get back all the money stolen in the ORNGE scandal. Get back all the money stolen in the E Health scandal. One could go on to about another 30+ scandals but hey, we are running out of room here.

Secondly FIRE every last one of the Metrolinx employees and Board members. DISSOLVE Metrolinx. GET RID OF Metrolinx!

Save hundreds of millions of useless “greeny oriented” tax payers dollars and put that money into public transit!

While we’re at it, get rid of what’s left of David Miller’s hang-alongs in City Hall and cleanse the whole rotten joint of left wing nutbars!

Terence Corcoran: Only a megaprojectile like Metrolinx could call 12 new transit-funding tax schemes a ‘short list’

Terence Corcoran, National Post Staff | 13/04/02 | Last Updated:13/04/02 8:00 PM ET
More from National Post Staff

The tax plans listed Tuesday are being hailed as a new way of looking at transit in Toronto. In fact, there are no new transit ideas in all of Metrolinx.

Darren Calabrese / National Post files

The tax plans listed Tuesday are being hailed as a new way of looking at transit in Toronto. In fact, there are no new transit ideas in all of Metrolinx.


A sure sign things are going to hell in a basket of taxation came two weeks ago when Carol Wilding, head of the Toronto Region Board of Taxation, announced that the city’s business community was throwing its weight behind Metrolinx’s Big Tax Move. We need, said Ms. Wilding, a regional sales tax, a parking space tax, a regional fuel tax and a high-occupancy lane tax.

Then came Ontaxario’s new Liberal Premier, Kathleen Wynne, who embraced the principle of paying for the $50-billion Metrolinx regional public transit extravaganza with fresh extractions of cash from the pockets of all citizens, no matter what form these extractions might take.

“There are tolls, there are taxes, there are fees. There are a whole lot of names, words for these mechanisms. Tools is the word that’s being used and I’m not using it as a euphemism. I’m using it as a catchphrase for all the different ways that we can raise new revenues,” said Ms. Wynne of a province that is dead broke. “The reality is, we need more money than we’ve got in the provincial treasury in order to build transit.”

Yes, yes. Let’s call them something else. Tools. Revenue tools. Or, as the CEO of Metrolinx, Bruce McCuaig, called them this week, “investment tools.”

While we’re renaming things, we might consider some euphemistic catchphrases for these institutions and their plans. There’s The Big Tax to pay for The Big Move, a plan by Metrotax (formerly the Greater Toronto Taxportation Authority) to fund the Toronto Taxit Commission and Taxit City and other money-losing public transport operations that have a habit of building ever more expensive transit projects at ever greater financial loss and with no means of paying for their operation.

Only an out-of-control megaprojectile like Metrolinx could, as it did on Tuesday, come up with a dozen new tax schemes — including development taxes, payroll taxes, fuel taxes, highway taxes, land value taxes, parking taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and a vehicle kilometre travel tax — and call it a “short list.”

It’s short only because it’s not as long as the 25-item taxmania nightmare examined by Metrolinx in a 225-page economic study commissioned from big-name consultants AECOM in association with KPMG.

The study is titled “Big Move Implementation Economics: Revenue Tool Profiles.” Each tool comes with assorted revenue projections and evaluations using a five-point ranking system. It’s a wonk’s paradise, but purgatory for citizens. And we can be sure that whatever tax schemes are ultimately introduced, they will be just the beginning of a long milking process for decades to come.

On its way to becoming Metrotax, Metrolinx has transformed itself into a giant propaganda machine to soften the population up for a 25-year tax grab. The Board of Trade and other civic groups have jumped aboard, all of them now regurgitating statistics that are at best interesting but have no economic or scientific basis.

The same numbers and claims, cooked up by consultants and vested interests, keep cropping up: traffic congestion costs $6-billion a year; Toronto is worse than Los Angeles; if the Metrolinx megaplan were built it would save commuters 32 minutes in travel time; 279,133 new jobs would be created. GDP would rise. Most of this is economic baloney.

Metrolinx touts its $50-billion project as one of the world’s great megaprojects, bigger even than the Three Gorges Dam, Communist China’s monument to policy folly. The built-in reality is that none of the dozens of billion-dollar Metrolinx projects come close to paying their capital costs.


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