“wouldn’t want to be like you” ……….. Green Communists!

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

So here is about as close as you can get to labelling these eco-whacked out left wing nut cases that preach never ending gloom and doom because the Climate is a changin’ and is about to kill us off!

When people become as radical and crazy as these protesters against pipelines, saving polar bears and use of anything that is from a manufacturer who uses fossil fuels for their electrical generation then there must be a bigger story behind their insanity! Could it be a means to and end?

Want to look hip, cool and above the fray by seemingly being in the “know” about what’s right and wrong in the world? Wear a T Shirt with a red star on it!

Oh, look at me!…..Im so cool………..I’m wearing a red star……….I hate capitalism…….I love my fellow “workers”…………………….one single statement here: STFU!

Your a stone’s throw away from being a full fledged F’n Communist!

Environmentalists regarded as ‘borderline communists’

BY  ON MARCH 21, 2013 • ( 19 )

And the Pope is Catholic. Now tell us something we didn’t know.It’s unfortunately true that most environmentalists hail from the Left of the political spectrum – that’s simply a fact. Why else are climate protests peppered with banners from the Socialist Workers’ Party and other extreme left organisations, that the Greens are a party of the left and there is a publication entitled Green Left Weekly?Environmentalism and socialism go together like… windmills and solar panels.It is a widely held belief, based on plenty of supporting evidence, that environmentalists are using a green agenda as a Trojan Horse to achieve the political goals of more regulation, higher taxes, wealth distribution and global government.

As News.com.au reports:

MANY climate sceptics do not trust environmentalists because they consider them “borderline communists” who want to curtail people’s freedom, a leading US social scientist says.

Speaking on Wednesday night, the University of Michigan’s Andy Hoffman said US global warming sceptics had “a serious distrust of the political ideology behind its proponents”.

“The fear is that environmentalists are left-leaning, they are socialist, borderline communists, and they are using the government to try to control your freedom,” Prof Hoffman said in the Sydney Ideas lecture at the University of Sydney.

“The expression for environmentalists is watermelons, they’re green on the outside, but they’re red on the inside. That really represents their feeling.”

Mr Hoffman said a scientific consensus that humans contribute to climate change had failed to lead to action on the issue because it was really a “debate over values”.

He said despite compelling science, just 40 per cent of Australians believed humans contributed to a hotter planet.


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    No shit?

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