Horwath and Wynne create fake issues to “team up” against Ontario tax payers!

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Where did this huge pile of baloney come from? “Auto Insurance rates need to be reduced”!

Horwath has been blathering on that IF the Liberals/Wynne agrees to cut back on Insurance rates for autos, then she just may support the Liberals in their upcoming budget instead of forcing an election!

Of course auto insurance rates are high here in Ontario…………..so is every other damn thing that Government has their greasy fingers in!

Auto Insurance isn’t the most pressing problem in Ontario even though Horwath would like you to think so. Has she ever heard of the massive debt load we are all being forced to bear?…….has she heard about the many many scandals going on right now that has cost US our financial security for many decades to come?………………has she heard of the unemployed that can’t find jobs because the Liberals have ripped the guts out Ontario’s ability to create jobs due to the high cost of operations?………..That’s enough for now, this might turn into a very dark novel!

You get the point. Andrea Horwath along with Kathleen Wunne both signed the most ant democratic Bill,The Green Energy Act, ever introduced into Ontario’s laws since inception!

They can’t hide from that one! They don’t want to talk about it, admit to it or even allow any one within a mile of them to ever bring it up. That’s why Kathleen Wynne yesterday got a tune up in Rural Ontario all dressed up in her red “Wizard of Oz” wellies! Trying to “look” compassionate and give a damn about rural residents who in fact have been forced from their homes by wind turbines, she actually looked like a bewildered badger trying to find a hole to hide in!

So now Horwath is playing the patronizing game to make sure she can still suck on the public teet after the “budget” is introduced by this new/old Government.

Years ago this type of politicking would be tolerated but now that Ontario Citizens have awakened and are politically engaged on a daily basis, these types of actions by so-called leaders will not be tolerated and there will be “revenge at the polling stations at election time”!

Their very last gambit which has yet to be played out to keep their sorry arses in their leadership chairs will be “We are Woman…….hear us roar!”

We also see through that BS!

Matt Gurney: Liberals giveth, Liberals taketh away

 Matt Gurney | 13/03/27 More from Matt Gurney | @mattgurney

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath (R) has warned Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne that her spring budget had better be full of the NDP's demands.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath (R) has warned Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne that her spring budget had better be full of the NDP’s demands. Chris Young/The Canadian Press

Some great news for Ontario car owners: The Liberals want you to be paying less for your auto insurance!

With the minority Liberals set to bring down a budget in the next few weeks, they’ve been looking for support from the opposition. The Progressive Conservatives aren’t interested in playing ball. They’re going to oppose it. But the NDP seem willing to prop up the government by either supporting the budget or abstaining. One of their asks has been a 15% cut in provincial car insurance rates, which have risen quickly in Ontario (and particularly Greater Toronto) over the last several years.

On Wednesday, reports emerged that the Liberals will agree to that. At least symbolically — they will vote to support an NDP motion calling on the government to explore means to reducing rates. It’s considered to be a sign of good faith and a demonstration of their intention to tackle the issue more fully at some later point. It may just be enough to save the upcoming budget, and avoid an election.

It’s a silly bit of politics, for both parties. No one likes paying more for auto insurance, but it’s hardly the most pressing issue facing Ontarians today. NDP leader Andrea Horwath picked it because it’s a way of offering the masses a bit of bread and a tiny circus that won’t actually cost the cash-strapped government anything. It’s a concession the government can use regulations to wring out of the private-sector insurance companies. They’ll be the ones coughing up the cash. The NDP will take the credit. Cute.

The extra money will rapidly be gobbled up by other expenses — rising electricity rates, to name one pressing example. But who cares? The NDP will claim, correctly, to have saved everyone a few bucks. Yay populism.


  1. Tom Blacksmith says:

    Okay, that dual portrait is just way too creepy. Yuk!!!!
    Somebody pinch me…

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