Here’s the real story behind what Wynne doesn’t want anyone to read about her “rude confrontation by Wind protesters” yesterday in Clinton!

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Anyone who read about Kathleen Wynn’s “rude confrontation by Wind Protesters”  yesterday in mainstream news outlets may just believe what they are being force fed by newspapers and TV stations.

Here’s the real truth behind this story that Kathleen Wynne who was all dressed up in “red rural wellies” doesn’t want you to hear!

Open Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne

March 27/2012

Dear Premier Wynne,
I was one of the three protesters taken into the REACH center to meet with you in Clinton on Tuesday, March 26th. 
The original ‘deal’ as per one of your handlers was that if everyone who was protesting stood in one spot away from where you were planning to enter the building, you would meet with one or two people.  Protesters did not see this as a feasible option.  The people you saw protesting in the parking lot holding signs are not a lobby group.  They do not operate on mob mentality.  And they have had enough of being told what to do.  They are protecting their health, their home and their community in the face of a government that has denied them, promoted the harm they face and treated them like collateral damage for years now.  And as Kathleen Wynne MPP, you have been part of this denial for a very long time.
The people in the parking lot holding signs are grandparents, parents and neighbours who have seen the damage done from jamming wind turbines into communities.  They are representatives of the people of Ontario and they need to be heard by all in government.  And you will see them again until turbine approvals stop and restitution for damage caused is made.
The damage starts with misinformation and sales pressure on landowners who are told that they may as well sign up since all their neighbours have signed up, even though more often than not, that is not the case.  It continues with divided communities and families that become dysfunctional with the split created by an installation proposal alone, as Tom Melady explained to you when you sat down with us. 
As we pay the U.S. to take excess energy produced, as we pay multinational wind corporations far too much for an unreliable source of energy and as we build, cancel and build more gas plants to be able to supply reliable power and buy votes, we see an impossible and wasteful debt load coming down onto our children’s heads.  Dave Griffiths, the third person of the trio taken in to sit down with you, explained the financial damage of energy poverty. 
Both Tom and Dave seemed to catch you by surprise when they told you that the majority of people in their community do NOT want turbines installed.  I’m sure the wind company lobbyists neglect to tell you that their product is not welcome in most communities. 
When it was my turn to speak, I told you that the worst of the harm to many of us begins after turbines are up and running.  Norma Schmidt was outside and was denied permission to tell you, face to face, the devastation to her life from exposure to turbines.  Her life is destroyed.  She cannot live in her own home anymore.  Norma represents a countless number of people across this province with only about a thousand turbines up.  I told you that in my own community of Grey Highlands, with only 12 turbines built under your ‘new’ guidelines, there are people who have left their home permanently.  There are people desperately clinging to homes they don’t feel safe in anymore.  There are people who have sold by taking a tremendous drop in sales price.  There are some who will probably be unable to sell their home at any price because dirty secret about industrial wind turbines is out there.
You mentioned solid evidence that people are sick but you refused to allow Norma into the meeting.  Tom told you about Hazel Lynne’s report and you mentioned the Federal Health Study.  I told you that the Federal Health Study is a study for policy, that they are not going to communities where there have been complaints about the turbines which pretty much eliminates any meaningful study at all.
Your comments, as I recall, were that we need a different process for new energy projects and that we need a diversified portfolio in energy.  You had no answer as to how people already harmed would be taken care of.
When I presented at the Standing Committee in Toronto last Friday, an MPP asked my opinion of what rural Ontario is thinking.  I told him that rural Ontario does not trust government anymore.  Many rural voters are convinced that our own government is steered and manipulated by industry so that government becomes the tool to promote and direct implementation of industry’s wants.  The wind turbine industry is key in this belief.  You will have to earn some of that trust back by ending approvals that allow this industry to bring harm, with impunity, to all we hold dear.
Lorrie Gillis
Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group
  1. Tom Blacksmith says:

    Great letter Lorrie.

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