Liberals squander billions of $$$ on elections and Green Energy and now wants higher taxes to pay for it!

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all knew this was coming. Over 260 billion in debt, over 16 billion just this year alone. That’s costing tax payers $10,000,000,000.00 (that’s 10 billion) a year in just interest payments on that debt. Rob, steal, blow and throw billions of our dollars away on useless wind turbines, solar farms, transmission lines, ORNGE helicopters, E Health scam, OLG scams, gas plant bribes for votes, among the dozens of other fraudulent scams perpetrated by this Liberal Government and we have a recipe for AUSTERITY (removal of social services) that can only mean higher taxes, less services and punishment of the most vulnerable of society as if we were living in a third world Dictatorship!

So here’s Wynne’s answer to this massive black hole she and her counterparts have dug for us. Keep smiling and start raising taxes!

Can’t use that dirty word “tax”?…….then call it road tolls……………there’s the ticket…………TOLLS!

In her twisted mind the logic will be that the poor slobs who have to drive into the cities from their 2 and 3 mortgaged homes won’t mind paying extra to get their jobs 10 minutes faster so they can work 20 minutes longer each day to make enough money to be able to fill up the mini van to get back home for another go-around on the gerbil wheel called employment!

I’ve got a better idea…………………..throw the bums outta Queen’s Park for good!

Kathleen Wynne Hints At Road Tolls Or Taxes

CP  |  By The Canadian Press 03/25/2013

Kathleen Wynne Road Toll

Taxpayers may have to fork out more to pay for badly needed repairs to bridges and roads, even in rural and northern Ontario. (CP)

TORONTO – Taxpayers may have to fork out more to pay for badly needed repairs to bridges and roads, even in rural and northern Ontario.

Premier Kathleen Wynne has talked about the need for what she calls new revenue tools — road tolls or some kind of tax — to pay for upgrading public transit and easing road congestion in southern Ontario.

But Wynne said today that municipalities in other parts of the province can’t afford to modernize their aging infrastructure, and warns there will also have be some way to help them pay the bills.

She says the government will have to find a way to create “dedicated revenue streams” just for roads and bridges.

Wynne says the Liberals have to be cognizant of the need for more infrastructure revenue right across the province.

She says in the Toronto-Hamilton area that will translate largely into transit funding, but in the rest of Ontario it is about funding for the broader transportation network.



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