Ontario about to get “worked over” by the NDP and Liberals with a Wynne/Horwath alliance”!

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

God Help Ontario!!!

Dalton McGuinty doomed the Province for decades of insolvent debts and massive destruction of Rural Ontario with his Green Energy Fraud. Not far behind his idiotic and financial game plan for this destryction was Andrea Horwath and her NDP party who also signed onto the Green Energy Act, Bill 150.

Kathleen Wynne also signed that fraudulent, anti Democratic legislation and now Rural Ontario is looking forward to an election where we can literally clean this rot out of Queen’s Park for a very long time.

But whooohh Nelly! Wynne seems to be leaning towards a NDP/Liberal  partnership here so they will both be able to survive and suck more money out of the tax payer’s trough…………….

Each of them alone are basically gone……together this couple of “whacked out  tax dollar kleptos”could continue for a long time turning the thumb screws on what’s left of our debit card and supporting friends and family on our dime!

Again, God Help Ontario!!!!!!

Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath aim to transform politics: Cohn

Rival political leaders deliver sensible, touchy-feely speeches, with Premier Kathleen Wynne encroaching on NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s territory

Premier Kathleen Wynne, centre, with Adrienne Clarkson on her right and Canadian Women's Hockey League executive director Brenda Andress on her left, drops the puck Saturday at the Clarkson Cup final in Markham.


Premier Kathleen Wynne, centre, with Adrienne Clarkson on her right and Canadian Women’s Hockey League executive director Brenda Andress on her left, drops the puck Saturday at the Clarkson Cup final in Markham.

By:  Provincial Politics, Published on Sat Mar 23 2013

The throbbing beat of rock star Pink’s Raise Your Glasswafts across the cavernous hall as Kathleen Wynne makes her grand entrance amidst a sea of power suits.

Most of the 2,000 people at this $1,200-a-plate Liberal fundraiser seem oblivious to the tune’s risqué lyrics. But Ontario’s new premier marches to a different drummer.

In previous years, the steep ticket price bought a preview of the latest partisan lines being road-tested for the campaign trail. When Wynne ascends the podium, her own words are far more measured than her predecessor’s — or Pink’s.

Wynne surprises her audience with a touchy-feely assault on political traditions, rather than campaign slogans. She utters not a single put-down of her opposition rivals.

Instead, she boasts that her minority Liberal government has found “enough common ground that we have the support of the NDP — at least for now.”

She wants more talk: “Yes, I am Kathleen Wynne and I have had a lot of conversationssince I’ve been premier,” she announces. “I am going to keep having conversations.”

She wants fewer scowls: “We have to smile . . . We will continue to smile.”

And she vows to eschew poisonous partisanship that turns off voters: “We have to be gracious . . . We do not have to be vicious or mean or wilfully partisan.”

Wynne may be the first party leader in recent memory to proffer such muted rhetoric in front of a home crowd of Liberal diehards accustomed to a traditional Tory-bashing, New Democrat-mocking pep rally.

It’s not what the crowd was expecting. She is not what the crowd was expecting.

And she is not what her political opponents, Tory Leader Tim Hudak and the NDP’s Andrea Horwath, were expecting. Especially not Horwath.

Until now, Horwath has marketed herself as the anti-politician — a sensible female leader going up against two men in suits behaving like boys in a sandbox. She tried to stay above the fray, and was rewarded with more seats and an enviable 50 per cent approval rating.

Now, Ontario’s first female premier is poaching on her territory — both in terms of personal style and progressive substance. Can the NDP leader adapt to the challenge of a touchy-feely Wynne honeymoon?



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