“Earth Hour lovers” won’t like this bit of REALITY!

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Unplug the lights and computers kids..we want to save the planet from Global Warming”…………………………………….

Only in a surreal politically correct household would this statement even make one ounce of sense!

The reality of tonight’s weather situation around the world is that some poor souls are FREEZING TO DEATH!

That’s not an exaggeration. that’s not propaganda. that’s the REAL story!

Of course nobody who has pulled the plug on their boob tube will even hear about it IF any news worthy media ever televised it!

Maybe our Canadian Astronaut , Chris Hadfield will send some love and pity down to Earth from his warm seat high above the Earth tonight for those poor souls freezing to death in Europe! But then he’s been ordered to Tweet and Twitter congrats to all the idiots sitting in the dark tonight who are “saving the Earth”!

We have to wonder if David Suzuki is huddled around a green table in the dark ranting about how evil humans are and they deserve to die of the cold because they bought so much shite in their lives! One more thing: “where the hell is Al Gore”?????

Here’s your dose of reality for this Earth Hour Day!

Could we face gas rationing? British gas reserves could run dry in 36 HOURS after freezing householders turn the heating up


PUBLISHED: 01:09 GMT, 22 March 2013

  • Plunging temperatures forced millions to turn up their heating
  • Shortfall could add more than £200 to family bills, analysts warn
  • Gas stores at their lowest level for three years with snow forecast
  • Government insists gas needs are ‘continuing to be met’
  • Britain relying on pipelines from Norway and shipments of liquefied gas
  • Energy giant SSE was of ‘very real risk’ of lights going out
  • Downing Street spokesman said: ‘It is absolutely clear that supplies are not running out’

A combination of bitterly cold weather and pipeline failures has left the energy grid at breaking point.

The country has less than 36 hours of gas reserves remaining and one energy expert warned yesterday that if the cold snap continues, rationing is ‘inevitable’.

If this happens, businesses and power stations will be restricted first, but then householders will be ordered to cut down on the amount of gas they use for heating their homes.

Britain’s gas stores are dangerously low as unexpectedly low temperatures have forced people to keep their heating on.

The crisis deepened yesterday when a crucial undersea pipeline connecting Britain and Belgium shut down without warning, pushing the price of gas up by 50 per cent to a record high.

Ships bringing desperately needed supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Qatar are still more than two days away, and could be delayed further because of the bad weather.

The looming national energy crisis also threatens to push up household bills for hard-pressed families.

The Government admitted gas supplies were under pressure, but Downing Street  said David Cameron was ‘confident’ that  they would not run out. But energy analysts warned that with the freezing conditions set to last into next month the consequences were ‘worrying’.

Ann Robinson, analyst for uSwitch, said: ‘If this dreadful weather continues for the next two or three weeks we should be very worried, because if we get into a position where we do run out of gas there is not a lot that can be done in the short term.

Britain's gas reserves could run out in 36 hours ¿ leaving the country dependent on costly foreign imports.Running low: Britain’s gas reserves could run out in 36 hours  leaving the country dependent on costly foreign imports.

‘Rationing would be inevitable, for businesses and domestic users and maybe for gas-powered electricity producers as well, so we might be looking at electricity rationing too.’ She said the Government’s response to the crisis had been ‘very complacent’.

Angelos Anastasiou, from investment bank Liberum Capital, added: ‘There’s a bit from the pipes and there’s LNG but that’s it. There isn’t any more. I would say rationing is a distinct possibility. We’re not there just yet, but it’s a distinct possibility.’

Energy Minister John Hayes said the issue was ‘a priority’ and confirmed he has held ‘discussions with industry and others about gas security’.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK’s charity director general, highlighted fears for the elderly if the gas shortages become a reality.

She said: ‘This continuing bitter weather is a major threat to the health of older people, and older people need to know their gas supplies are guaranteed. Age UK would like the Government and the industry to offer them some public reassurance this weekend that the UK’s gas will continue to flow.’


Europe Shock Freeze…Catastrophe Winter Continues…German Televison Warns: “Coldest Night In 100 Years”!

By P Gosselin on 23. März 2013

Boy, this sure is some warming!

German RTL television online reports on the nasty wave of bitter cold now currently gripping Germany and Eastern Europe. The report’s title: “Germany Continues To Shiver: Coldest Night In 100 Years Threatens.”

Cold_NOAA photo

Europe gripped by ice age conditions – in the springtime! Photo credit: NOAA

“Winter this year simply just doesn’t want to leave. Now the coldest night in 100 years threatens.”

I was out today for a walk. Although here the temperature read -2°C, the strong wind from the Northeast cut into you like a knife – it’s horrendous. To me it felt like -20°C. It’s going to get worse before better. RTL reports it’s going to get even colder in the days ahead:

Tonight in some cities again new cold records will be set for March. While the Brocken has already shattered the old record of -13.9°C  (21 March 1980) with a reading of -14,5°C, in other cities like Berlin it could be the coldest night in over 100 years.”



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