Kathleen Wynne’s advise for Ontario scandal-plagued and debt-ridden future: ……keep “SMILING”!

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Geezuz! Is this “lunatic” really running what’s left of this once great Province or is she just opening her pie hole and allowing wishful thinking to float around a room when people start asking real hard questions????

      Courtesy Bing.

Maybe she’s hysterical with fright or just medicated beyond control but she and her followers may be the only people left in this Province who find anything about Ontario’s future FUNNY!

Of course we all know what happens to some folks who are so overwhelmed by what’s going on around them that they have nothing left but a loud laugh, just before the reality of the situation hits home!

Here’s the reality for all those that are laughing their ass of right now……..ONTARIO IS BANKRUPT!

Now …..send in the clowns!!!!!!

Kathleen Wynne To Ontario Liberals: Keep Smiling Despite Sea of Troubles

CP  |  By Maria Babbage, The Canadian PressPosted: 03/20/2013

Kathleen Wynne

Ontario’s governing Liberals may be facing a sea of troubles, but Premier Kathleen Wynne wants them to keep smiling. (CP)

TORONTO – Ontario’s governing Liberals may be facing a sea of troubles, but Premier Kathleen Wynne wants them to keep smiling.

The “looming” threat isn’t a spring election, but a “toxic political environment,” Wynne said Wednesday night at a major party fundraiser in Toronto.

Voters will tune out if they see a provincial politicians being vicious and wilfully partisan, she said.

“We’ll all do better if people see the political spectrum reflected in their elected representatives as a tool to hash out real solutions, and not as a weapon with which we vilify one another,” she told the crowd.

Smiling, listening and being gracious, even when you disagree with the other side, is the way to make real progress in confronting the “true obstacles of our time,” from a sluggish economy to the deterioration of transportation infrastructure, Wynne said.

“Goodness knows, there will be many times when I will disagree with the opposition,” she said. There will be tough choices to make, but we’ll continue to smile.”

It’s unclear whether Wynne’s optimism will be enough keep the minority Liberals afloat.

The Conservatives are clamouring for an election, while the New Democrats have made it clear they won’t support the spring budget unless their numerous demands are met.

The minority Liberals are also under fire for the cancellation of two gas plants, which they insisted for months would cost $230 million. Experts now peg the costs at about $828 million.



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