Are University Students getting “ripped off” for their tuition payments in Climatology courses?????

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

I know I was “ripped off Big Time”!

Are students today getting real science lessons or just an opinion from their Professors when they take courses on Climate, Earth Sciences or other courses having to do with weather?

Is there any mention of an ENGO being involved in your studies? Like the Sierra Club?

If there is, run down to your Bursars Office and demand an immediate refund on your tuition because you are being “indoctrinated”, not educated!

Here’s the 411.

Prediction Failed Miserably? Just Make a New One

March 20, 2013 at 3:47 pm

The Sierra Club blogger who wrongly predicted that this winter would be “less wintery” & snowy than last now says Arctic sea ice won’t “survive this summer.”

Paul Beckwith is a mature PhD student and part-time climatology professor at the University of Ottawa. He also writes a blog for Sierra Club Canada. Yesterday he posted the following melodramatic message on Facebook:

For the record; I do not think that any sea ice will survive this summer. An event unprecedented in human history is today, this very moment, transpiring in the Arctic Ocean…This is abrupt climate change in real-time. Humans have benefitted [sic] greatly from a stable climate for the last 11,000 years or roughly 400 generations. Not any more. We now face an angry climate. One that we have poked in the eye with our fossil fuel stick and awakened. And now we must deal with the consequences. We must set aside our differences and prepare for what we can no longer avoid. And that is massive disruption to our civilizations. [bold added; click here for screencap]

Beckwith looks like an interesting chap. According to his CV, he has a background in physics and spent four years as a professional chess player. As an admirably engaged, hands-on father of three boys, aged eight to 12, you’d think his daily life would be sufficiently demanding, exciting, and rewarding. But Beckwith is certain he’s bearing lonely witness to something “unprecedented in human history.”

Why am I having a difficult time taking him seriously? Because he doesn’t sound at all like a scientist.

The language he uses isn’t the sort I expect a careful, precise, rigorous mind to employ. It is, instead, the language of an activist and a storyteller.

Science doesn’t produce emotive phrases like “angry climate.” That’s hyperbole. It’s poetry. It’s marketing-speak. And the blog Beckwith writes for the perpetually outraged Sierra Club is full of it.

Here are some phrases from his most recent post, Arctic icecap cracking up:

  • “the situation is frightening”
  • “we need action now”
  • “unless we act soon the future is certainly grim”

On other occasions, he has said that:

Beckwith believes extreme measures will be required to combat climate change, such as the US president assuming wartime-like powers by assembling

all the CEOs of car manufacturers together in a room and telling them they will produce no cars for 3 years, only wind turbines, geothermal heat exchangers, and solar panels. [bold added]

I guess he hasn’t heard about the glut in low-priced solar panels – or the view that it would be a blessing if hundreds of currently existing solar companies went bankrupt. As an article in MIT’s Technology Review puts it, that might “help bring the supply of solar panels back in line with demand.”



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