Greenie spouts off about Ontario “missing the boat” on Wind Opportunities while world’s biggest wind manufacturer “going down the tubes”!

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tyler Hamilton of the Toronto Star bleats out more crap about how Ontario isn’t doing enough about “taking advantage” of “really great development opportunities” in developing more Wind Turbines and Wind Energy while the rest of the world is “folding up like a cheap suit”!

How these guys expect US to believe them any more makes one wonder “what are they “smokin’?

Ontario drags its feet on offshore wind opportunity: Hamilton

By:  Energy and Technology Columnist, Published on Fri Mar 08 2013

Is the offshore wind opportunity in Ontario permanently dead in the water?

It was in February 2011 – an election year—when the Liberal government abruptly killed the ambitions of any wind developer looking to place wind turbines in the Great Lakes. It booted offshore wind out of the feed-in tariff program and it suspended all applications, citing the need for more scientific research until, in the words of the environment minister, there is assurance “any offshore wind developments are protective of the environment.”

That’s a pretty high standard. Can any energy development really protect the environment?

Never mind that government scientists have been studying the issue since at least 2007, or that when a previous moratorium on offshore wind development was lifted in 2008, then-premier Dalton McGuinty was convinced that such developments could be done in a way that would not compromise ecosystems.


Analysis – Vestas puts ‘for sale’ sign on factories 

18 March 2013 by James Quilter

Over the last year Vestas has been engaged in a substantial restructuring programme to cut costs and overcapacity.

The staffing figures tell how far this has come. In 2010, Vestas employed around 25,000 people around the globe. Last year, chief executive Ditlev Engel said he wanted to shave this figure to around 16,000.

It could come down even more. In what is described as building “flexibility” into the manufacturing process, Vestas has signalled it is looking to offload some of its factories involved in machining or producing raw materials. However, included in this list is the company’s only tower factory in Pueblo, in the US state of Colorado, which recently won a multi-million dollar supply deal from an unnamed third-party manufacturer.

Speaking to Windpower Monthly, the man handling the programme, Vestas chief operating officer Jean-Marc Lechêne, referred to last year’s sale of its tower factory in Varde, Denmark, to Chinese firm Titan Energy as a template for future deals. As part of the deal, Vestas agreed to continue sourcing from the plant.

[rest of article available at source]

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