Want to see all the “greed mongers” who are driving up your Hydro Bills in one place? …. come to Toronto on April 3rd!

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All the politicians and Wind Turbine lobby groups along with the Wind Turbine developers are coming to Toronto to attend their FIT Forum and to line up one more time at the tax payer’s (electrical consumers) trough of never ending $$$$ to deliver absolutely ZERO in benefits!

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It’s too bad someone couldn’t throw  net over the whole bunch all at once and drag them off to a never world where anything they say and believe makes on spittle of common sense!

The Wind Turbine (Green Energy Fraud) has decimated Ontario’s energy system and has caused massive job losses in Industry because the cost of electricity has been inflated with these FIT  (Feed In Tariffs) contracts so badly that it will take decades to recover from this onslaught of con men and grifters all backed by a consistently corrupt and scandal ridden Government.

The FIT Forum will convene on April 3rd and finish on April 4th. If you want an inside glance at the ones responsible for YOUR HYDRO bills to be so high and unaffordable, come down and watch these greed merchants sachet into their cheer leading conference where they will smack each other on the back and laugh all the way to the bank at OUR expense!

If you really want to do some good, attend with this group who are going to actually confront these carpet baggers and hold them accountable for the harm they have done to this once great Province!

Ontario’s Future is in Ashes Protest: April 3rd

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Bring your electricity bill to 255 Front St. to the “Ontario’s Future is in Ashes” BURN BARREL!

Date: Wednesday, April 3rd
11:30: Gather
12:00: Speakers
12:30: Protest March
Place: Simcoe Park on Front Street, beside CBC building and opposite Metro Toronto Convention Centre MAP

The benefactors of The Wind Scam will be at Toronto at the Ontario Feed In Tariff (FiT) Forum April 3rd & 4th at the Metro Convention Center. The multinational wind companies benefiting from excessive Liberal government subsidies and lax regulation will be at the Feed’in Trough (FiT), with their plans to transform the landscape, the community vibrancy and homes of rural Ontario into an immense wind ghetto.

Speak Up to Protest Against Ontario’s Future Being Blown Away! Please mark your calendars, and inform your neighbours. Stand up for Rural Ontario! Start thinking about messages & slogans for your signs and be creative. Arrange a bus or use public transit, subways, Go trains to Union Station. Let’s bring our message to McWynnty’s Liberals! See you there.

From the main lobby of Union Subway Station (look for signs to railway and GoTrain station to get to main lobby), exit at Front Street, go west (left) on Front St. past York St. and Lower Simcoe St. Simcoe Park is about 300 meters further west right next to the CBC building on the north side of Front St.

Buses heading to April 3rd protest:
For residents of Bruce/Grey/Dufferin/Simcoe/Wellington counties: On April 3rd, coach bus leaves the community center in Chatsworth at 8:30, with stops along Highway 10 across from Markdale Foodland for 9:00, Flesherton Home Hardware for 9:10, Dundalk Swipe and Go gas station at 9:25, Shelburne at Hwy 89 in front of No Frills at 9:35 and Orangeville in front of Walmart at 9:50. Cost will be $30 per person for the round trip. We will head home at 2:00. Lunch included for trip home. Please contact me to reserve a seat. Thanks! Lorrie 519-922-3072 ; lpcgillis@bmts.com

Please send your bus information as it becomes available so we can let people know about it.




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