Australians suffering from Wind Turbine Illness are just “CRAZY”?

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here’s another media “report” that states that people claiming illness caused by Wind Turbine Syndrome is that its “all in their minds”!

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Don’t let the thousands of actual peer reviewed reports and documents get in the way of this media-hyped story that favours Wind Developers and corrupt Politicians who have bought into this massive Green Fraud!

“It’s all in their minds” latest statements from the Wind Lobby and Wind-friendly news outlets could be one last gasp in order to try and save their money sucking parasitic Industry that is promoting a failed experiment into the “legalised embezzlement” of public funds through a fake Green Energy agenda.

Not only do these monstrosities cause ill health and are forcing home-owners to abandon their homes and lands to save their own lives but the financial toll on the Provinces and Counties where these are located makes one wonder “who the hell is in charge any more of  OUR lives and futures”?

Not only are articles like this an INSULT to Rural Residents but should also be labelled “illegal and treasonous” for the overall damage they do to the country, people and wildlife of the lands!

Research the people involved in these reports and you will be very surprised on their “credentials” and their background!

i.e. If you want more information on just who this Simon Chapman really is and how he got to be an “expert” on Health Issue regarding IWT’s then you should go here and spend a few minutes seeing how false news stories are being published as FACTUAL!:

A primer on the buffoonery of Simon Chapman for Australian IWT opponents (part 1)

Just claiming someone is a PHD isn’t enough any more to “qualify” them as an expert in everything to do with HEALTH.  If you have a PHD in Advertising, what gives that person the right to be an expert on mental issues?

…………….Unless your a “mental case” yourself!

Wind turbine sickness ‘all in the mind’: study

March 15, 2013 Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor Chief Political Correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald

”Wind turbine sickness” is far more prevalent in communities where anti-wind farm lobbyists have been active and appears to be a psychological phenomenon caused by the suggestion that turbines make people sick, a study has found.

The study found that 63 per cent of Australia’s 49 wind farms had never been the subject of any health complaint from nearby residents.

It found 68 per cent of the 120 complaints that have been made came from residents living near wind farms heavily targeted by the anti-wind farm lobby, and that ”the advent of anti-wind farm groups beginning to foment concerns about health (from around 2009) was also strongly correlated with actual complaints being made”.

Study author, Simon Chapman, professor of public health at Sydney University, said the results suggested that ”wind turbine sickness” was a ”communicated disease” – a sickness spread by the claim that something was likely to make a person sick. This was caused by the ”nocebo effect” – the opposite of the placebo effect – where the belief something would cause an illness created the perception of illness.


He found a much greater correlation between negative attitudes to wind turbines and reports of sickness than any ”objective measures of actual exposure”.

And he cited studies suggesting that the spread of communicated diseases was much faster when the ”illness” had a name – such as Wind Turbine Syndrome, Vibro Acoustic Disease and Visceral Vibratory Vestibular Disturbance.

Professor Chapman also cites a recent New Zealand study in which some healthy volunteers were exposed to actual ”infrasound” – the sub-audible noise from wind farms claimed to cause health problems – and others to complete silence, which they had been told was ”infrasound”. In both cases the volunteers who had been told about the potential harmful effects of infrasound were more likely to report symptoms.

There have been several parliamentary inquiries into concerns about the health impacts of wind farms and the National Health and Medical Research Council is conducting a second study into the available medical evidence for the health complaints.



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