Why does the Toronto Star publish “biased reports” on Wind Turbine Illness????

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Could it be that there are Wind Turbine investors on the board of the Toronto Star? Could it be that the Toronto Star has investments in the Green Energy Scam that has been forced down Ontarians throats by “their” political masters, the Liberals at Queen’s Park?

What ever the reason a story like this appears in this so-called “newspaper”, it is not NEWS!

It is an opinion by an uninformed writer that doesn’t even live here.

If the Toronto Star ever wanted a real story they could probably invest in a tank of gas, a fresh out of college writer and a day to drive to South Western Ontario and do an interview with just one family out of hundreds who have ABANDONED their homes to save themselves from sickness from Wind Turbines being located close to their homes!!!!

This story and this paper is an INSULT to rural Ontarians, just like the dysfunctional Government they support.

Hows that for a statement?


Wind turbine sickness may be all in your head: study

Wind turbines are pictured in front of the coal power plant ‘Scholven of German utility giant E.ON in Gelsenkirchen March 11. (Ina Fassbender/Reuters)

Rick Westhead        February 15/2012

They emit no pollution and require no fuel.

As gas prices and pollution levels spiral upwards, it’s understandable why supporters of wind power are trying to persuade lawmakers to invest in wind turbines.

Last fall, two studies by U.S. research groups suggested wind power has the potential to power the world’s energy demands. The studies, led by professors from the Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University, suggest existing wind turbine technology could produce hundreds of trillions of watts of power. That’s more than 10 times what the world now consumes.

Yet even as some lawmakers champion the renewable energy source — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has talked of putting wind turbines atop office towers and bridges — people who live near the turbines offer cautionary tales.

Besides changing local sceneries, some local residents complain that wind turbine farms actually have given them rapid heartbeats, nausea and blurred vision. They say the side effects have been caused by the ultra-low-frequency sound and vibrations from the turbines.

A new study out of Australia suggests that sickness and side effects may be all in the mind.

Simon Chapman, a professor of public health at Sydney University, reports 63 per cent of Australia’s 49 wind farms have not been the subject of any health complaints by local residents. Some 68 per cent of 120 complaints came from those living near wind farms in an area where the anti-wind farm lobby is most vocal.



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