Ontario’s AG, Ombudsman and taxpayers all condemn the Liberals on ORNGE …. why are they still in power?

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

That’s the real question here! Why are these scandalous purveyors of graft and corruption allowed any more access to OUR tax dollars?

Obviously there must be LAWS to limit this type of malfeasance, but the Liberals have literally declared their Health Ministry to be the ultimate authority when it comes to doling out billions of OUR $$$ on shady deals like ORNGE and E Health. Of course the Health Ministry isn’t the only omnipotent agency within this sick parasitic culture at Queen’s Park. The Ministry of Energy is about as “guilty” as any other department for destroying a Democratic process that has produced such a heinous initiative like the Green Energy Act which also was condemned by our very own Auditor General as one of the worst Bills ever to be forced through Queen’s Park!

Our “new/same as the old” Premier is quacking the same tired and perverted double speak that the former Dictator McGuinty sounded off every time he was confronted with the real issues here!

Oh, and BTW, where is McGuinty?……………………….isn’t he STILL an MPP for Ottawa South and shouldn’t he be inside Queen’s Park earning his pay?

Questions never answered. Spin and double-speak can never continue for a lengthy period before something has to give!

Time to pull the plug on this Band of Bunglers and rid the halls of the pink building of probably the worst Government the Ontario citizens have ever paid for!

Re-introduced legislation may not be enough for Ornge

Adrienne BatraBY ,TORONTO SUN


Ontario air ambulance Ornge. (QMI Agency files)

TORONTO – Nearly one year ago, Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter issued one of his most scathing indictments of the Liberal government’s incompetence and mismanagement.

McCarter’s special investigation into the province’s air ambulance service, Ornge, provided example after example of how the Liberals handed over more than $700 million of taxpayers’ money since 2006, with little or no oversight.

McCarter noted: “When it assigned the operation of Ontario’s air ambulance service to Ornge, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care said it would set standards and monitor Ornge’s performance against those standards to ensure fiscal and patient-care accountability … we found, however, the Ministry did not get the information it needed to meet this oversight commitment.”

In response to some of the auditor’s recommendations, Ornge’s board of directors was dumped.

In addition, the government brought in new management structures.

These were intended to prevent a repeat of Ornge’s unethical practices — including a litany of wasteful and even frightening actions — by what had essentially become a rogue, government-funded agency.

Most recently, the Liberal government re-introduced legislation which it claims will “build on existing accountability measures at Ornge.”

The Ambulance Amendment Act (Air Ambulances) 2013, aims to address many of the existing deficiencies at Ornge.

One component, which will have an immediate impact, is opening up Ornge to the Freedom of Information Act. This is long overdue. Considering this is a taxpayer-funded agency, it’s shocking it was not subject to FOI laws from the beginning.

Perhaps if it was, the scandalous practices which consumed the organization, might have been exposed sooner.

Other notable changes include protection for whistleblowers and, interestingly, that the government can seize control of Ornge “in extraordinary circumstances with the appointment of a supervisor, or appointing special investigators when it is in the public interest to do so.”

It all sounds very logical and practical.

But not so fast, says Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin.

He points out a serious flaw with the legislation in a letter he sent to Health Minister and Deputy Premier Deb Matthews — surprisingly promoted by

Premier Kathleen Wynne despite her dismal performance on Ornge — PC Health Critic Christine Elliott and NDP Health Critic France Gelinas.

Marin notes the “special investigators” provision potentially creates a whole new layer of bureaucracy that, should the need arise, would be reporting directly to the health minister, as opposed to the legislature.

In other words, these investigators would operate under the command and control of the same ministry which has repeatedly shown itself to be spectacularly incompetent with regard to Ornge.

Another point Marin raises is the legislation’s introduction of a patient advocate who, among other duties, is responsible for “documenting and reporting organization-specific patient and visitor compliments and complaints.”

While this all sounds very well and good, is it truly going to address the deep-rooted problems at Ornge?



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