Rural Residents being forced from their land into the new urban 300 sq.ft. Dream Home????

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Rural Ontario is under attack! Loss of jobs, over-regulation of water, high taxes with less services, loss of wildlife regulations, loss of Democratic Rights for self governance, loss of health services, Wind Turbine industrialization, high energy rates along with the many other Government controls over lifestyles are just a few of the many fronts where Rural residents are being forced to consider alternatives to stay alive!

Here’s the end game in a nutshell!

A lovely little cubicle is waiting for you in an urban centre that will allow you to survive, just barely!

Agenda 21 is alive and well in Ontario as it is in almost every single location in the world.

Human settlements are to be controlled, densified and populated to a maximum density in order to use less resources, impact less land and basically control every aspect of your life right down to the amount of food and heat you use in order to “save Mother Earth” and satisfy it’s “elite rulers”!

Here’s your future…………IF you don’t fight back by taking back YOUR power from the miscreants who are advocating this!

Agenda 21 Micro-Apartment Scheme Being Beta-Tested in NYC

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
July 12, 2012

Designs for apartments measuring just 275 to 300 square feet are to be submitted for a competition in New York to address a shortage of homes.

The globalist design for micro-apartments is being championed by New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. These “studio and one-bedroom apartments” will be no bigger than 275 to 300 sq ft. These tiny living spaces are smaller than currently allowed by building regulations, according to a statement by Bloomberg’s office; however the zoning regulations will be waived in over to construct the first of many compact pack ‘em and stack ‘em housing model in the city-owned area of Kips Bay.

The intention is to construct an area in NY that accommodates restricted housing space, eliminates car use in favor for walking and bicycling and promotes mass transit. Herding the expanding population into dense areas will smaller living spaces will instill the new class of poor and obligate their psychological transition toward accepting the Agenda 21 megacity concept .

According to the globalists at America 2050, “metropolitan regions will be an interlocking economic system, shared natural resources and ecosystems, and common transportation systems link these population centers together.”

Bloomberg stated: “Developing housing that matches how New Yorkers live today is critical to the city’s continued growth, future competitiveness and long-term economic success.”

Bloomberg has announced this “ New Housing Marketplace Plan ” with directives toward financing 165,000 units that are more affordable than anything on the current market. By 2014, these units are expected to be competing to get New Yorkers out of their large apartments and single-family houses and into a tiny space to maximize functionality in a clear move toward creating Agenda 21 megacities out of existing spaces.



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