To “sell Green Energy” the mass media has to tell HUGE LIES!!!!!

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

If there was ever a story that illustrates how far the Mass Media has gone down the Green Rat Hole of Lies, this should be the one!

Stories that Man Made Global Warming is going to kill us faster than ever have been ramped up in the last few weeks by most Mainstream News outlets and makes one wonder…..WHY?

Could it be that when a liar is exposed for what they really are, then the only way to defend themselves is to lie even more!

The Green Energy Lobby has been exposed for what they are in the past couple of years and they have no “wiggle room” to justify their illegal actions any more!

So “Ramp it Up Boys” is the Green Mantra!

Well, today in Europe the mainstream news has gone “all in” on one last attempt to “Lie their way out of a massive Lie”!

Remember the Fukushima “disaster”? Can you recall how many people DIED from that disaster which was a Tsunami that basically rolled over a nuclear reactor that was improperly sited and basically not in very good structural shape from the start?

If you answered ZERO, you would be close to the truth. Maybe 5? That’s more realistic.

But don’t let figures get in the way of a good story (or bad).

Based on the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown, Angela Merkel basically closed down all of Germany’s nuclear reactors and is still trying to replace that electrical supply with Wind and Solar generation even though it doesn’t work.

So when the reality of all this Green agenda hits home what does the mainstream news do? They CREATE a false story reporting that over 16,000 people DIED at Fukushima and THOUSANDS more are still missing!!!!!

Sounds like Al Gore is now producing news stories!!!

Media Of Deception: Germany’s Public Media Mislead Their Audience, Link 16,000 Tsunami Deaths To Fukushima

By P Gosselin on 12. März 2013

Can we trust the media?

Germany’s massive public funded radio and television demonstrates to us that the answer is: not always. Yesterday many media outlets reported on the 2-year anniversary of Japan’s “earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima” disaster. The way some German public television and radio outlets are presenting the disaster 2 years later would probably make even North Korean state media officials blush.

For example, (hat-tip EIKE) flagship German public television ARD presented the story yesterday, claiming:

Japan remembers the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami catastrophe of 2 years ago. A scale 9 earthquake had shaken the northeast of the country and caused a tsunami. This caused a reactor accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Almost 16,000 people died.Thousands are still missing.”

I heard the very same deception earlier yesterday morning on German public NDRDisInfo radio. The reality, of course, is that so far not a single death has been attributed to the Fukushima accident. But that’s the last thing Germany’s manipulative public media want their audiences to believe.


The Fukushima death toll

By  Apr 24, 2011 10:32AM UTC

Here’s a quick quiz, readers: how many people have died as a result of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactor?

If you answered in the thousands, you’re way off. If you answered zero, you’re closer, but not quite right either.

The correct, but rarely seen answer is five: one man who became trapped in the console of a crane during the earthquake, two who were swept away by the tsunami and a clean up worker who suffered from a heart attack. Another man reportedly died suddenly in October. Although the company is not revealing the cause of death, they say it was not related to radiation. The entire toll from the earthquake and tsunami, remember, is estimated to be in the region of 20,000.

While it is not yet over, and radioactivity continues to come out of the devastated plant, the good news is that there are still precisely zero deaths attributable to the release of radiation at the plant, and on the basis of doses received, zero are expected.

Only two workers were hospitalised because of radiation exposure after their clothes were soaked while standing in contaminated water. The contamination occurred because they were not wearing rubber boots, but they were released from hospital within four days.

No effects on health or significant contamination cases have been identified among the general public evacuated from the area.

This is despite the fact that the accident has devastated the plant, and involved fires, explosions, and releases of radioactivity (including the release of the much over-feared element, plutonium) large enough to rate a 7 on the international scale, supposedly making it equivalent to Chernobyl.

Large amounts of radioactive material have been washed into the sea, which may cause a contamination problem for some time, but is essentially a great place for radioactive elements to go, because water is one of the best shields for radioactivity.

(Do you remember the radiation scare that happened when the Russian nuclear submarine,The Kursk sank to the bottom of the ocean? No? That would be because there wasn’t one.)



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