The Ontario Liberals “latest gag a maggot Press Release”!

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are all these MPP’s in this minority Government living in an alternate universe?

OR could they be taking some really amazing hallucinogenic medication that alters the reality of every day life non stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week, forever?

Possibly a “piss test” should be ordered for this new/old Government under Wynne and company!

Along with her newly developed double-speak direction she is following, maybe the Libs have hired some Green-Age Guru to lead them further down the evil and destructive path they have been following for the past 10 years!

Read the following and then try and keep your food down for at least an hour afterwards!

And don’t try sleeping well tonight!



News Release

30 Days of Progress

March 12, 2013

New Ontario Government Strengthening Economy and Building Fair Society

The new Ontario government hit the ground running with its plan to create jobs, strengthen the economy and build stronger communities and a fair society across Ontario.

Since being sworn in on February 11th, Premier Kathleen Wynne and members of her cabinet have visited communities across the province, met with important partners inside and outside government, and introduced a number of new initiatives and investments to get government working for the people of Ontario.

To help build a job-creation economy, Premier Wynne has held five jobs roundtables with private sector, labour, education and training partners across Ontario. Last month, Ontario created 35,300 jobs, including nearly 21,000 jobs for young people. In February, Ontario created nearly 70 per cent of all new jobs in Canada.

To help strengthen communities, the government held the first Northern cabinet meeting since 1995. It is also investing $100 million over five years to support world-leading brain research, which will improve health care. Ontario is also providing grants for community groups to clean up Great Lakes beaches or shoreline and restore wetlands.

To build a fairer society, the government introduced legislation that would, if passed, create three new categories of job-protected leave, so people can take care of their loved ones without fear of losing their job. Ontario also introduced legislation to help prevent skin cancer among young people by banning their use of tanning beds.

And as part of a commitment to an open, collaborative process, Premier Wynne met with both leaders of opposition parties as her government prepares the budget. The government’s House Leader worked with opposition members to broaden the mandate of the Legislature’s Justice Committee, which is looking into the relocation of two gas plants. And the government is also participating in ongoing discussions with partners in the education sector, which have already resulted in the return of extracurricular activities in some Ontario high schools.

Helping to create jobs, while investing in quality of life, is part of the new Ontario government’s plan to build a fair society and a strong economy.

  1. ruralgrubby says:

    She is willing to “look” into the realocation of the two gas plants yet refuses to make herself available to the residents who are suffering from wind turbines pounding over their heads robbing them of restorative sleep, and this is what she is calling “quality of life” that provides a “fair society”. Spin it Kathleen, spin it!

  2. Karen b says:

    Reminds me of the glowing harvests, steel production, and other reports Pravda used to issue when the cupboard was bare!

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