“Forgive them Lord” …. “for the Greenies know not what they do!!!!!!!”

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Of course we all know these famous last words from the Cross and may be very timely with Easter coming at us fairly quickly.

The real tragedy in all the “good intentions” of the “eco-insanity” now running completely out of control over the world is that maybe, just maybe, some of these Green advocates actually DO mean real harm on the majority of the citizens of the world and if they do, then a punishment similar to a lengthy jail term should be part of equation.

When “good intentions lead to horribly bad results” like the placement of Wind Turbines where home owners have to abandon their homes and dreams in order to save their health and lives, then the Green agenda is something very evil and destructive!

Note to Greenies: THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Being Green Isn’t Harmless

March 11, 2013 at 2:26 pm

We all care about the environment. But now we’re going to foolish extremes. And real people are getting hurt.


In conversations with individuals young and old, I’ve run up against a constant theme. Perhaps I’ve tried to explain why a particular green proposal is nonsensical once ill-founded assumptions are separated from cold facts. Perhaps I’ve mentioned that green activists alarm me because they are unelected and unaccountable.

The default, fallback position of good, solid, well-intentioned people usually amounts to: “Well, I think it’s important to protect the environment.”

Yes, we all love the environment. As a gardener and a photographer, few things attract me more than healthy, lush greenery.

But in the political arena, people who claim to be standing up for the environment often use that as a cover for something else. They’re trying to sell us on vegetarianism. They think capitalism should be swept away. They’re nostalgic for a simpler, Eden-like existence. They’re trying to convince themselves that they’re superheroes saving the planet rather than ordinary working Joes.

Or, they’re simply paying the bills, feeding their own machine. All those attorneys on staff at high-powered green groups cost money. All those rent payments for offices in multiple countries don’t come cheap.

When people say they think it’s important to protect the environment, surely we need to reply: Yes, but now we’re going to foolish extremes. And real people are getting hurt.

This past weekend, Christopher Booker, that iconoclastic granddaddy of UK newspaper columnists, published a tour de force titled: Eco madness and how our future is going up in smoke as we pay billions to switch from burning coal to wood chips at Britain’s biggest power station.




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