What’s up with the “lands claims” in Ontario, and now in Manitoba??? Government attacking Rural Landowners???

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are Ontario Rural Residents being “manipulated and divided” by a rather sinister Government ploy to divide and conquer and drive people from their lands?

First it was the Algonquin Land Claim AIP that “agrees in principle” to transfer Crown Land of 117,000 acres plus a $300,000,000.00 one time payment, to the Algonquin First Nations and basically hands over all rights of water ways, resources, fishing and hunting rights to this group.

area outlined in purple to be removed from access by Rural landowners

While we all agree that when the original European settlers arrived in Canada, they basically ran the Natives of Canada off their lands and placed them in reserves for perpetuity!

That was over 300 years ago.

Now WE are expected to back up to those days and reunite the original people with the original land?

What makes one question the reasoning behind this move by our Provincial and Federal Governments may be that with Manitoba’s announcement today that the Metis are about to get their lands back from days of old, sounds an awful lot like our Political leaders want to start an all out WAR between residents and landowners within Ontario and Manitoba.

Could the Government being unsatisfied that they have been unable to drive us off our lands with regulations and high taxes and high costs of services, they now want to use the First Nations people’s as their “pawns” to de-populate Rural Canada?

We won’t be fooled by these bizarre Government attempts to destroy our lives, heritage and time honoured friendships with our First Nations neighbours!

One word continually is used by less than honourable Government mouth pieces and that is “Sustainable Development” .

This is directly from Agenda 21 crafted by the  United Nations and this division of peoples and their lands is just one more despicable and evil tactic to get us out of Rural Canada!

Just to underline the “attack on Eastern Ontario Landowners” here is another “brain wave” by so-called malcontent’s with peace and live and let live attitudes, there is a proposal to create a corridor for animals only to use from Algonquin Park right through to Adirondacks New York State! That’s right! NO HUMAN SETTLEMENTS on this corridor! It’s called A2A.  A2A –  Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association

There is no other way of looking at this. Controlled Opposition is being used every day when mainstream media “plays down” these attempts fro Government officials to dress up their legislation such as Land Claims to be the “right thing to do” while all along they are just trying to remove all human settlements off the land and relocate them into urban centres so the masses can live like “rats in a cage”!

Talk with the First Nations people and communicate, unite with them and stand together against this dictatorial and treasonous action by all levels of the present Governments!

Supreme Court ruling opens door to massive Manitoba Metis land claim that includes Winnipeg and much of southern Manitoba

QMI Agency

Friday, March 8, 2013 12:13:59 EST PM

OTTAWA — The Crown failed to properly hand out land grants promised to Manitoba Metis 142 years ago, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The 6-2 decision on Friday now opens the door for a massive land claim to 1.4 million acres that includes a large swath of southern Manitoba, including the city of Winnipeg.

“This was not a matter of occasional negligence, but of repeated mistakes and inaction that persisted,” the court’s ruling states. “A government sincerely intent on fulfilling the duty that its honour demanded could and should have done better.”

The landmark case has been in and out of litigation for 30 years.

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) led the legal challenge over farm land promised to about 7,000 Metis children as part of the Red River Settlement of 1870.

MMF argued the government backtracked on the land allocation terms of the settlement.

The original agreement convinced Metis rebels led by Louis Riel to put an end to the Red River Rebellion and opened the door for Manitoba to enter Confederation.

Riel and his supporters led the rebellion in an attempt to preserve lands and culture.

“What is at issue is a constitutional grievance going back almost a century and a half. So long as the issue remains outstanding, the goal of reconciliation and constitutional harmony … remains unachieved,” the ruling states. “The unfinished business of reconciliation of the Metis people with Canadian sovereignty is a matter of national and constitutional import.”


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