“Ontario Feed In Tariff Conference” coming to Toronto … wonder if attendees will want to read this!!!

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

On April 3-4th of this year there will be another gathering (gag fest) of “money grubbing investors and Wind Turbine scammers” all getting together to “feed on” what’s left of the free flowing public $$$ from the Liberal minority Government and their “Green Energy Disaster” that is forcing Ontario to go to the brink of bankruptcy, or as Wynne keeps saying, “Moving Forward”!

This conference is the fourth and hopefully should be the LAST.

One group in particular who will attend will be the Germany Trade and Invest Group and are probably here to try and cash in on what used to be a “world wide investment scheme” but now only exists in Ontario!

Is Ontario the last Green Energy casino remaining today? Is that why the Premier’s office can safely say “Ontario is the Green Energy Leader in North America”?

The real truth about renewable energy will never enter the walls that will be protecting this conference so the Wind Swindle can continue!

courtesy Bing

And the following story won’t be welcomed by the German contingent or any other group at this conference who are all scrambling for a place at the public trough!

Leading “Energy Expert” Frustrated That Germans Are More Scared Of Renewable Energy Than Climate Change

By P Gosselin on 8. März 2013

Paul Hockenos at the European Energy Review (EER) reports that “energy expert” Dr. Claudia_Kemfert, Director of the Energy, Transportation, and Environment Unit at the prestigious Deutsche Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung(German Institute for Economic Research) in Berlin “has had enough of the ‘Energiewende-bashing’ that she feels has stymied the progress of the country’s energy transition and sullied its reputation.”


Dr. Claudia Kemfert of the German Institute for Economic Research frets over exposed ills of “green” energies. Photo source: Facebook/Claudia-Kemfert.

Energiewende is the German term coined for the country’s transition away from nuclear and fossil fuels and over to renewable energies.

Over the last months the gruesome details of the reality of green energies have surfaced. Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, for example, recently informed the public that the transformation over to green energy would cost Germany 1 trillion euros by 2039 (all for a theoretical global warming prevention of a few hundredths of a degree Celsius by the year 2100).



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