Attention Students! …. Don’t get all revved up over phoney EARTH HOUR!

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another year………another Fake Earth Hour!

Presented to you by less than truth full mainstream Media outlets and Environmental Non Governmental Organizations that don’t give a damn about the Mother Earth, Gaia or any other fake Green Agenda other than to make a boatload of %%% and indoctrinate millions of usnuspecting young minds with maddening scary stories about the end of the World due to a fake Global Warming scenario.

Smarten up, stay informed and question authority!

Specially your teachers who are flogging this crapola by the shovel full!

This planet has never been healthier with technology that has increased productivity, quality of life and made every day tasks that used to break people’s backs, even more “doable”!

Ask any young person who has cut through the BS of people like Suzuki and Gore and May and the many other soothsayers of doom……………..they know their future is embracing technology, free enterprise and freedom of righteous thinking!

Learn the basics before jumping into the fantasy land of Green Gurus and old withered men and women with “causes” that sound too good to be true! …or too bad to be true!

Earth Hour is an example of a mass insanity that should actually be called “child abuse”!……….turn all your lights off for one hour and see where that gets you………………the only reason “they” want you to do that is to measure the number of brainwashed people in the world they can manipulate with their false messaging. After the lights have gone off and back on, watch the so-called news and see the satellite photos that are produced ad nausea showing the various areas of the world that have obeyed the cry to darken your life!……….this is how “they” measure their impact of their messages!

STOP the CRAZINESS……..turn every single light on in your house and every electrical device you can……………..that should tell them to STFU!

Manufacturing Earth Hour

March 4, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Canadian students are so jazzed about Earth Hour they need to be bribed to do volunteer work.


In less than three weeks, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will hold its annual Earth Hour event. That event will be promoted aggressively by the lapdog – as opposed to the watchdog – media. (The largest circulation newspaper here in Canada, theToronto Star, is once again an official Earth Hour sponsor.)

All sorts of preachy Earth Hour messages will soon be yammering in your ears and burrowing into your brain. But don’t be bamboozled. Rather than being a grassroots initiative, organized by the earnest and sincere, this is a slick, international campaign partly devised and owned by Fairfax Media Limited – a publicly-traded Australian conglomerate.

Rather than being an organic outpouring of concern for Mother Earth to which masses of people willingly donate their time, Earth Hour is highly orchestrated. For example, see this volunteer job posting at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in beautiful British Columbia.

Each full-time student at that institution pays $2 per semester to fund an organization called Sustainable SFU. What does Sustainable SFU do? For one thing, it’s in the business of recruiting Earth Hour project managers.

The three people on staff at Sustainable SFU are apparently so preoccupied with “lobbying decision makers” and “eliminating campus waste” they couldn’t possibly tack up a few Earth Hour posters on bulletin boards. Moreover, the student population is apparently so disinterested in Sustainable SFU’s goals that young people willing to donate a few hours to the Earth Hour cause are hard to come by.


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