Highlights of just one of many Liberal scandals! …..”ORNGE” should be all that’s needed to sink them

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The question of the century is “how can the Kathleen Wynne/ex Dalton McGuinty Government” hold it’s collective head up in public view with the number of unresolved scandals they have created in 10 years of their “leadership”????

Just one of them, the ORNGE scandal, should be enough to make one wonder why there isn’t some jail time awaiting the “players” inside this “rotting cesspool of public spending without accountability”!

Lump the Gas Plant scandal on top of this one and we have the lack of funding for our Health Care, Education and Social Programs that is going to wreak havoc  with lay-offs, wage cuts and long waiting times for the most vulnerable of our society!

How can these bloated sycophants  even show their faces on a daily basis to spout drivel and falsehoods when even our own Ombudsman is requesting our “Health Minister” Deb Matthews to allow him to offer his services within the Ornge inquiry so that the Government can start to “repair some fences by showing it is really truthful in “cleaning up their act”!

Deb Matthews’s answer?????………………..NO WAY!

If allowed to “play this game” called ORNGE Public Monopoly I assume Andre Marin might be able to force someone to acknowledge that there is a card in this game that says: Go To Jail….Go Directly to Jail… Do Not Pass Go!……Do Not Collect $200!

Short History of the “long con” at ORNGE!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chris Mazza’s $10 million life insurance policy cost taxpayers $28,000Chris Mazza’s $10 million life insurance policy cost taxpayers $28,000

Just $28,000 paid toward $10 million life insurance policy for former ORNGE boss Chris Mazza, the air ambulance service says

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