Want to make $$$$ to produce NOTHING?……….come to Ontario!

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

You can’t make this stuff up!

Our ex Premier Dalton McGuinty reworked our energy sector and with anti-democratic legislation in his Green Energy Act and European styled Feed in Tariff Program has basically created an Industry that rewards failure with consumer dollars that should be documented in a Simpson’s TV cartoon show!

Except this isn’t funny!

Now missing somewhere “over the rainbow” in a land called “Oz”, McGuinty has left behind a financial legacy that should be part of any University course world-wide on “how not to run an economy”!

The Wind Turbine Industry has basically had “free reign” to plop their useless destructive phallic symbols of greed all over Rural Ontario and now it is revealed that maybe we just don’t need that electricity because we have so much already being supplied by conventional sources that when the wind blows, the grid get’s overloaded!

What to do…………oh my!……………….promises made and broken to the Industry……..HELL NO!

McGuinty’s plan is to PAY the Wind companies to NOT produce this unwanted power!

Yep, that’s the ticket. Pay these greed merchants to shut down the turbines and pass that cost onto the consumer who is already paying double the price for electricity they need.

Sounds about right, if you live in a place called Bizarro World!

New wind power rules coming in Ontario to curb output

New rules that will curb wind power output in Ontario are coming. But wind form operators will receive payment for lost output
By:  Business reporter, Published on Mon Mar 04 2013

Ontario wind power companies have reached an agreement that will curb electricity output from wind turbines when there’s surplus power on the grid.

In return, the companies will get compensated for lost output, within certain limits.

The agreement puts an end to a dispute before the Ontario Energy Board that pitted the wind companies against provincial power agencies.

Until now, wind power has had almost unrestricted access to the power grid, under rules designed to encourage the development of renewable power in Ontario.

Wind power is especially tricky to deal with, because there’s a lot of it and the wind often blows strongest overnight or on weekends, when demand is low.

Nuclear plants also produce power regardless of market conditions, because most nuclear units are very difficult to control – they’re either on or off.

As more wind power floods onto the grid, the combination of wind and nuclear sometimes leads to power surpluses, forcing Ontario to sell power to its neighbours at a loss, or even pay them to take it.

The new rules will allow the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to switch off the flow of power from wind turbines if there’s too little demand.

Wind operators will be compensated for some, but not all, of their lost output.

The Ontario Power Authority outlined a compensation model recently under which wind companies would have to absorb a certain portion of the lost output, but would be paid if the loss output exceeded certain limits.



For Immediate Release
March 5, 2013
Liberal Government Approving New Wind Projects—While OPA Pays for Excess Wind Power
(Queen’s Park) —The Ontario Power Authority has agreed to pay wind companies for their lost output when they are asked to switch off the flow of power from wind turbines when the demand for energy is low.
This comes as the Liberals are approving new wind turbine projects to the grid. Ontario is also forced to sell power to our Canadian and US neighbours at a loss—or paying them outright to take it off our hands.
“This boggles my mind,” said Thompson. “The math is simple. We have a surplus—why are we continuing to approve wind contracts and add more unnecessary power to the grid, and more unaffordable contracts on the backs of Ontario ratepayers?”
Controlling power output has become a pressing issue in Ontario as more and more renewable power connects to the grid. An additional 3,000 megawatts of wind power alone is due to come on stream in the next 18 months. The Independent Electricity Security Operator had estimated that coping with surplus power production will cost Ontario’s power system up to $200 million a year if market rules don’t change.
“As wind tends to produce overnight and at times when we don’t need it, this problem will be compounded as new wind energy projects are approved and start generating,” said Thompson.   “Why is the Liberal government continuing to award 20 year contracts for wind projects that we will have to pay to sit idle?”
“This further goes to prove that the time is now for a wind moratorium,” said Thompson. “Let’s slow down and get this right and make sure that we have an energy system that is affordable for the ratepayers in Ontario.”
For more information:
Ashley Hammill
Ashley Hammill
Executive Assistant to
Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce)

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