Horse meat in Beef, Fake Tuna and “Green” energy. …isn’t anything REAL today???

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Green Energy” that turns out to be anything but!

Last week we find that horse meat has been mixed into beef products around the world in order to maximize profits without any producers “mentioning” the fact that the horse meat could cause cancer in humans because of the vaccine used on horses that are pretty damn harmful to humans!

Now we hear today that a fish that causes anal leakage in humans is being passed off as Tuna and other fish being served in higher end restaurants and supermarkets.

Has the world gone completely mad?

Is there no law enforcement agencies left in this world that actually do their job?

Of course don’t try and gather in a group to protest anything coming down the pipe from a corrupt Government (Ontario’s Wind Turbine destruction) or you will be harassed by Police and told to disperse!

Assuming everything is all right as long as there is a label on it that says food is certified and safe to eat should be a wake up call that even our Government agencies we used to depend on to protect us,………………………. DON”T!

First Horse(meat) Trading, Now 59% Of “Tuna” Sold In The U.S. Isn’t Tuna

Tyler Durden on 03/02/2013

This is just the latest revelation in the stealth inflation and food fraud theme we have written about frequently in recent months.  The non-profit group Oceana took samples of 1,215 fish sold in the U.S. and genetic tests found that that 59% of those labeled tuna were mislabeled. It seems that “white tuna” should be avoided in particular as “84% of fish samples labeled “white tuna” were actually escolar, a fish that can cause prolonged, uncontrollable, oily anal leakage.” Oh and if you live in New York City or Southern California, you should pay particular attention if you’re heading to Sushi!!

Escolar: The World’s Most Dangerous Fish

 Posted by Pablo Escolar at 7/22/2010
Escolar is the most controversial fish that you are likely to find in your fish market. This firm, white fleshed fish has an incredibly rich flavor, often described as ‘succulent’, or a fattier version of swordfish. Why so rich? It turns out that Escolar’s diet contains food high in wax esters. Wax esters that are really difficult for Escolar to digest. As a result, these esters build up in the fish.

Where is the controversy in a buttery, delicious fish? I would say it is in the laxative like effect it has on a certain percentage of the population. Well, a ‘laxative like effect’ is how my fish monger described it. Others would describe it as closer to diahhrea. An expert would call it ‘keriorrhoea’. Literally translated, it means ‘flow of wax’. Oily orange droplets pouring out your pooper.  Keriorrhoea occurs because the wax esters in the flesh of the fish pool up in your intestine.

Some reports of Escolar related illness include cramping, nausea, diarrhea, the itis, and other abdominal pains.  This could be the result of severe Keriorrhea or could also be Scrombroid poisoning.  Escolar related Scromboid (or histimine poisoning) is the result of high levels of histidine being converted to histimine usually as a result of poor storage.

Hong Kong Protest Over Oilfish Sale.

Why would you eat a fish that has such terrible downsides? Two reasons:

  1. Escolar is delicious. Most likely, the same fatty ester in Escolar that makes you sick also makes it taste so damned good.
  2. Taste the danger! If you enjoy a sense of dining adventure, then consider Escolar the log flume of the culinary world.

Apart from all of the poop jokes I wanted to make, what really inspired me to write about Escolar is the lack of credible information on the subject.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency suggests grilling, while Queensland’s Health Agency states that cooking method does not matter.  It is really confusing because not only is Escolar sold under other names, but other fish are sometimes mislabeled as Escolar.  Doing some quick google searches, I created the following chart based on all of the references to escolar and oilfish being sold as other fish.  The most common form of Escolar trickery is to be found at your local sushi bar.  Any place selling white tuna or ‘super white tuna’ is more likely than not selling you Escolar.  White Tuna can technically be either Albacore Tuna or Escolar.  Albacore looks like pale tuna, while Escolar looks strikingly white.


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