“Greening a house” could be killing you!

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Green Homes, Green Living, Green this and Green that” has been the psycho-babble from everyone in the news from car manufacturers, home builders,ENGO’s, investment companies all the way down to the crap being force fed by supermarket chains for decades now, yet the ugly truths about going green is just starting to come out!

In Germany a new study on “green homes” has come out with a finding that should make everyone living like a green rat in a closed system shake their collective heads and get some “Mold Expert” in to test their habitat!!!!!

Here’s a very real and important story on how going green can kill you!

Of course isn’t that what the “Greenies” want?

Climate protection and energy saving in the house – caution mold risk! Mould conference in Berlin on 03.21.13


In January, a recent survey by the consumer organization Stiftung Warentest the round, after which about 60 percent of over 4,000 respondents of mold in your own home and another eight percent of reported suspicious stains or musty odor ( here ). Here, the majority of the fungus-infected areas accounted for the bathroom and at least 40 percent of the bedrooms, living room and children then, kitchens, corridors, stairways, balconies and conservatories.

The Journal of the Foundation “test” bemäkelte While “Cold walls as the main problem” and “insufficient thermal insulation of exterior facade”, but avoided, exaggerated tight windows without sufficient gap ventilation, the Night setback of heating and mold growth-promoting wall paintings as  to actual cause of the increasing number are inter-mold infestation in our increasingly dense housing to name properly. However, it is totally unrealistic, “A good thermal insulation of the building is usually also an important protection against mold problems is the problem of the cold exterior walls, it will not make one.”. “(Reduced) thermal insulation drastically the risk of condensation on the then much warmer inside of the outer walls.”: In the paid brochure “Protection against moisture and proper insulation,” says test The Sound Insulation marketing.

READ MORE HERE: (use google translate to transfer into English)


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