“Global Warming believers” are really the “Dinosaurs of Society”!

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Al Gore, David Suzuki, even Barack Obama, among other “eco-doomsayers” still hang onto this outdated and completely non realistic take on what’s going on in the Climate of the World!

Why? …………………maybe there’s another “agenda” going on here that involves huge sums of money and using a “program of disinformation” to create a “climate of fear” in order to put in place a fraudulent energy source like wind and solar around the world even though it doesn’t work!

Maurice Strong in 1992 basically designed this fake program in order to push a United Nations “concocted strategy” in order to transfer billions of dollars from Industrialized nations to Third World nations all in the name of “saving the planet”!

It’s called Agenda 21 and has basically infected every single organization in the world which also includes all levels of politics!

Brilliant in it’s execution and with billions of $$$ offered up by “nefarious” Foundations and Institutions it can only be labelled the most “fraudulent and evil power play in the 20th and 21st century”

It rivals the efforts of a Nazi led party led by a complete maniac to take over the world. Too strong? NOT!

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Lawrence Solomon: Not easy being green

(February 28, 2013) Series of disasters for the climate doomsayers.

this article was first published by the National Post

This article was first published by the National Post.

It’s not easy being green these days, especially if you’re a die-hard doomsayer of the global warming persuasion. Arctic ice has made a comeback, advancing so rapidly that the previous decade saw less ice at this time of the year than exists today. And previously balmy Arctic temperatures just nose-dived, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute, which has tracked Arctic temperatures since 1958.

Alarmists shudder when looking south, too, at the stats from Antarctica. There the sea ice extent started growing early this year, and the ice cover remains stubbornly above average. All told, the global sea ice — including both polar caps — now exceeds the average recorded since 1979, when satellites began their measurements.

Disasters are another disaster for the doomsayers, as documented in an October article by University of Colorado-Boulder Prof. Robert Pielke Jr., one of the world’s foremost experts in disasters and climate change. “Flooding has not increased over the past century, nor have landfalling hurricanes,” he reported. “Remarkably, the U.S. is currently experiencing the longest-ever recorded period with no strikes of a Category 3 or stronger hurricane.”


Pielke went on to note that the U.S. has seen a decline in drought over the past century, and that “Over the past six decades, tornado damage has declined after accounting for development that has put more property into harm’s way.” Similar conclusions apply to typhoons in China, bushfires in Australia, and windstorms in Europe. High-profile weather events have always and will always be with us; they just haven’t been as fateful of late. Moreover, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change earlier last year agreed that long-term climate change can’t be blamed for damage from extreme events.

The Holy Grail of proof to most doomsayers, of course, is the temperature, which global warming models insisted would rise in lock-step with increases in carbon dioxide. When the temperatures started to plateau in the late 1990s, doomsayers scoffed at the skeptics who noted that the models failed, taking comfort from the global warming leadership who explained every which way that the skeptics were torturing the statistics to falsely show warming had stopped. Now the leadership itself — the U.K.’s Met Office, NASA’s Jim Hansen, and the IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri — all admit to temperatures having reached a standstill for the better part of two decades. The lowly global warming believer is left with little but the promises from their leaders that, sooner or later, those temperatures will rise again.


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