The “true agenda of Wind Turbines” ….. to force rural residents OFF THEIR LANDS!

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

The “chickens are coming home to roost” now that this “Wind (Green) Energy Scam” has evolved over many years world-wide!

Corrupted politicians around the world have literally embraced this “new green form of energy production” as if it was the answer for a world gone to hell!

The reality of this forced feeding of  Wind Energy down the throats of rural residents, not urbanites, is to force the vacating of rural residents off their lands and the massive transfer of wealth from the poor of the world to the pockets of the rich. Can’t someone call it “Agenda 21 in action”?????

Wouldn’t want THAT little rotten phrase to creep into the discussion would we?

Here’s the real life conclusion to what these purveyors of wind terror have achieved.

Landowners ‘£1 billion wind farm boom’

Scotland’s wealthiest private landowners are on course to earn around £1 billion in rental fees from wind farm companies, according to a book published yesterday by a senior Tory politician.

Struan Stevenson has claimed major landowners are benefiting from the expansion of wind farms while consumers lose out

Struan Stevenson has claimed major landowners are benefiting from the expansion of wind farms while consumers lose out Photo: ALAMY

By , Scottish Political Editor 10:37AM GMT 22 Feb 2013

Struan Stevenson, a Conservative MEP, estimated the sum will be paid over the next eight years to at least a dozen landowners willing to allow turbines on their estates and farms.

He suggested the wealthiest Scots are benefiting from the spread of wind farms at the expense of consumers, who have to heavily subsidise the technology in their energy bills.

Among the landowners named in the book is the Duke of Roxburghe, who, he estimated, could earn £1.5 million a year from turbines erected in the Lammermuir Hills.

Titled So Much Wind – The Myth of Green Energy, the book also claims that the spread of wind farms is leading to a new wave of Clearances as families are forced to move away by the construction of industrial turbines.

It was published as MSPs debated Alex Salmond’s plan to generate the equivalent of all Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by the end of the decade.

Mr Stevenson estimated that the target would require the construction of around 5,000 wind farms in Scotland of which around 1,900 have already been built.

“We’re seeing in Scotland the biggest transfer of money from the poor to the rich that we’ve ever seen in our history,” he told a press conference in Edinburgh.




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