Ontario Power Authority tries to take blame for “Liberals hidden docs” …. blaming “search engine mistakes”!

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

If this is an excuse for not finding important documents that may prove Ontario tax payers have been “ripped off” for over a billion dollars then what kind of workers operate daily at the OPA?

Their attempt (or orders from Wynne) to deflect the issue from the newly “minted” Premier Wynne fell so flat on it’s face that it actually caused the media to start to argue during question period with the two speakers from OPA and has inflamed this cover up even to a greater extent. I guess someone at the OPA has to be the front men here as most of the MPP’s responsible for this mess have either quit or are in hiding (McGuinty?).

The OPA has used a feeble excuse: “The OPA said it failed to use certain key words when in their search for gas plant documents, prompting the oversight.”

WHAT? these guys are using THAT excuse? It couldn’t be any worse than saying their dog ate the homework!

My 3 year old can use a search engine and doesn’t have to look far for what she wants to find.

Absurdity is too mild a word here and if this is the best they’ve got then they should all be fired and the place opened up for some real workers who know their way around the internet!

How many tech savvy graduates are pounding the street looking for work or flipping burgers in Ontario?

Oh, maybe the OPA is just a destination for McGuinty’s supporters and favourites? After all, the OPA was only supposed to be a TEMPORARY agency that was set up to develop a long range energy plan. I assume it was too good to be true for the newly hired directors and power people McGuinty put in place and they just couldn’t let it go!

Maybe someone in Ontario’s Energy Sector could put on a workshop to show these overpaid goons how to use Google or Bing and how to spell correctly?

If there isn’t an election very soon, then one can assume that all 3 parties are part of this monstrous festering pile of useless bureaucrat’s!

Christina Commisso-Georgee, CTV Toronto Feb.21/12

The Ontario Power Authority revealed Thursday that it failed to release all of the documents related to two cancelled gas plants that costs Ontario taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars after the issue prompted a heated question period in the Ontario legislature earlier in the day.

The agency said Thursday that 67 documents were inadvertently missed when it turned over the latest batch of gas plant documents to the government in October.

“Large-scale document disclosures are something that many, many agencies struggle with and have difficulty getting right,” OPA Chair Jim Hinds told reporters. “We are no exception.”

 Andrea Horwath

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath stands in the Ontario Legislature during question period in Toronto, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013.

Ontario gas plant

A power plant in Oakville, Ont., that was cancelled by the Liberals is seen in this undated photo.

Earlier Thursday, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli revealed that additional records relating to the two mega projects in Oakville and Mississauga were uncovered this week, even after the Liberal party said it turned over all related gas plant documents.

The OPA said it failed to use certain key words when in their search for gas plant documents, prompting the oversight.

Hinds said the newly-released documents are largely made up of meeting notices and invoices — though the invoice amounts have already been made public.

“We are in the business of producing electricity, not documents,” Hinds said, adding that the gas plant documentation was the first large-scale document search the agency had ever undertaken.



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