More Gas Plant documents found by Liberals!!!!……..what a surprise! …………..NOT!!!!

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Geez!………………..this is getting sooooo old!………………this is the THIRD TIME that when threatened by legal action, the Liberals miraculously “discover” otherwise hidden documents on their gas plant closures in Ontario in order to sound like they are honest, transparent and in the end, “victims” of a “spurious personal attack” from opposition on their “integrity and openness” inside the Pink Building!

The only ones who are experiencing a PERSONAL ATTACK on them are the Ontario Citizens who have to fork out massive amounts of personal earnings to bail these losers out of their gas plant follies and other disgusting acts like the Green Energy Scam, OLG, ORNGE, E Health and on and on and on!

So here we go again. The Cons pursue new contempt charges against the old guard of Liberals after 127 days of parliamentary “shut down” and the very next day the Ontario Power Authority magically “discovers” another 200 pages of “missing” documents about the gas plant moves which were done primarily to garner seats in the last election for McGuinty and friends!

Here are two suggestions that could end this festering rot inside what is supposed to be an “honourable institution”:

Bring in the Police and open all the books up to a massive forensic audit of Ontario tax payer’s dollars and where they all have gone in the 10 years that these Liberal clowns have been “managing” our monies!

CALL AN ELECTION NOW! Let Ontarians have their one day every four years to clean this clown show up and replace these bingo callers with some politicians who really care about their bosses, The ELECTORATE!

More documents found on cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga

  • The Canadian Press
  • Thu Feb 21 2013

TORONTO – Ontario’s opposition was outraged Thursday after the government announced more documents had been unearthed on cancelled gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, months after the Liberals repeatedly insisted they had all been released.

It’s actually the third batch of documents — about 600 pages — and the second time the Liberals have been forced to admit they were wrong when they claimed to have publicly released all the relevant pages ordered by a legislative committee.

“I rise today to inform the House that … the Ontario Power Authority has uncovered additional documents related to the Legislative committee’s request,” said Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli just before question period.

The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats have said all along they were convinced the Liberals were still hiding documents on the cancellations of the two energy projects, which cost taxpayers at least $230 million.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said she was notified about the newly-found documents — late Wednesday.

“This is an ongoing process and it’s very complicated,” Wynne told the legislature.

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t know about it, but we want all of that information to be out in the public.”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath accused the Liberals of deliberately trying to cover up the documents.

“This has been an ongoing process of obfuscation of the facts by this government, that’s what the ongoing process has been,” said a fired-up Horwath.

“I want to know from this premier why anybody in Ontario should have any trust whatsoever in any Liberal in this province.”



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