Northland Power tries to “dress up” a dam full of water and call it a “Huge Battery”…another Green SCAM!

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

If this wasn’t so serious it would be be almost “laughable”!

How far would a Green Energy proponent go to make more money off the poor to almost bankrupt Ontario citizen these days?

How about trying to “sell” a NEW and GREEN concept that appears on the surface to be the answer for all the Wind Turbine woes of not having the ability to store the energy people need when the wind doesn’t blow!

It isn’t new, it isn’t green, but it is a scam! It’s a Dam! 

Ontario has hundreds of these. All of them are producing cheap and consistent electrical power that Ontario has based it’s past industrial success on. But now we have a bunch of “green grifters” floating around the Province all with the blessings of a Provincial Government hell-bent on ruining what was once a thriving Province with their Gang Green they have assembled!

This one has a name. It’s called “Pumped Storage”! What the hell? Why would we want to pump water up to the top of a dam and wait until the wind stops blowing and then drain the dam through a generator to supply electricity to a town which is already on the grid which is supplied by hydro damns and nuclear plants?

It’s called $$$$$. Huge amounts of $$$$$. All pumped up and inflated much the same way the water is being managed in this fake battery!

The worst thing about this whole project is that the PEOPLE of Marmora were never informed in a timely fashion that this project was in the works. Their Council made deals behind closed doors, much like most of the other Municipal Councils are now doing right across Ontario, as if the PEOPLE were too dumb to handle deal making and should be cut out of the process.

For an in depth look at the sad history behind this massive failure that will actually get built and place many homes in the path of a potential life threatening situation (it’s called a FLOOD) go to this site and spend some time to see how a small Ontario town is getting screwed over by large foreign industrialists, a corrupt Provincial Government and a Council that seems to be mouth breathing and foot dragging when someone in a suit with a package of $$$$ shows up at their back door!

Meet the non-people of Marmora

In eastern Ontario, a battery five times the size of Niagara Falls


On the wind-swept ridge of a mountainous slag heap, Northland Power Inc. plans to construct a miniature Niagara Falls to store power and provide it to Ontario’s grid when the province’s proliferating wind turbines are asleep.

For 24 years, U.S.-based Bethlehem Steel Corp. pulled iron ore from an open-pit mine a dozen kilometres south of this town of 6,400, situated halfway between Ottawa and Toronto. When the mine was closed in 1979, the company left a gaping hole that is now filled with water. Above the pit, vast piles of boulders and crushed rocks lie where they were discarded after the ore had been extracted.

Toronto-based Northland is proposing a $700-million, “pumped storage” hydroelectric project that would create a waterfall five times the height of Niagara Falls – though with a fraction of the volume – descending from the slag mountain to the mine pit below.

To operate the plant, Northland plans to purchase electricity from Ontario’s grid at night when prices are low and use it to pump water from the mine pit up to a newly constructed reservoir. During the day, the company would release the water for a 258-metre plunge to a powerhouse and generate 400-megawatts of power to take advantage of peak-time power prices when demand is high and wind turbines typically are less active.



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