NDP and Liberals join up to “tag team Ontario into oblivion”!

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

So what’s the difference between the New Democrats and the Liberals in Ontario”………………..not much it seems, but the similarities are astounding!

Wynne                                                                 Horwath

They both signed the Green Energy Scam ionto existence back in 2009 which has basically ruined Ontario’s electrical market and forced millions to enjoy “energy poverty” for the first time in history.

That’s not bad enough but now Ontarians have a chance to get rid of the parasitic money sucking Liberals that have spent this Province into a basket case, Horwath and her morally repugnant bunch of leftist clowns have thrown their hat in with Wynne and her “crippled and older than dirt political gang of thugs” to “move Ontario Forward”.

Where?……….down the toilet?…………..onto a bread line?……………into bankruptcy?

This gaggle of idiots have no idea how to get Ontario back into the black, but obviously it doesn’t matter to a bunch of ideological extremists who dream of Karl Marx and how China is the example for the world today to follow!

Ontarians WANT AN ELECTION NOW!……..not a year down the road when these two “dollies” get finished with what little is left of the once great Ontario dream!

Throne speech has Horwath’s support, not Hudak’s 

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TORONTO – Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak says he will not support the throne speech or Kathleen Wynne’s minority government, even if it means calling a provincial election.

“I guess it will be up to (NDP Leader Andrea) Horwath … to see if she’ll continue to prop up this government and take us down the path of joblessness and debt,” Hudak said. “We need to change the team that’s leading this province.”

Horwath said she will vote in favour of Tuesday’s throne speech but indicated she’ll be much harder to please when it comes time to pass a budget.

Without the support of either the NDP or Tories on key votes such as a budget bill, the current Liberal minority government will fall.

Wynne crafted a throne speech aimed at drawing support from both opposition parties by addressing common priorities — jobs, transportation infrastructure, home care and balanced budgets.

“Hope springs eternal,” Wynne quipped, when asked if she still believed the opposition Tories would work with her government despite announcing Tuesday that they would reintroduce a contempt motion over gas plants cancelled by the Liberals.

The throne speech — a government vision statement for the coming legislative session — proposed a new dedicated transit revenue stream, more home care and trade missions around the world.

There appeared to be a subtle shift away from what had been the Dalton McGuinty government’s strong emphasis on wind and solar energy in previous throne speeches, with the focus instead on creating jobs through the development of energy conservation technology.

The commitment to phase out coal-fired electricity remained in place.

Wynne is promising that Ontarians will have input before contentious projects are placed in their communities.



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