Why do the Rockefeller’s and elitists want Canadians to lose their jobs?

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now there’s a question that is “loaded and should be answered”!

Many, many reports are being published in the blogosphere about the activities of “globalists, elitists and foundations like the Suzuki’s and Rockefeller’s, Engo’s like the Sierra Club and WWF and Friends of the Earth……………. ad nausea“!

Of course 99% of the mass media wouldn’t touch these subjects with a ten foot pole, but there are a few brave souls who are honest and will actually go so far as to “poke the hornet’s nest” with the stick of truth!

Vivian Krause is one.

Her latest post in the National Post Comment section peels back the financial support for a the gaggle of greenies who chained themselves to the White House fence this week so they would get arrested and show themselves as “victims of the heinous actions of humans on the Mother Earth”!!!

Give me a friggin’ break!

What gives these “bigger than life” actors, actresses, eco-religious whackos and so-called “elitists” the right, let alone the gall to attempt to destroy an industry, a country’s finances let alone the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Canadians with their actions???

The OIL Sands and the pipeline that would carry this oil south of our border to these very same activist’s gas stations is being attacked by these miscreants who tout their “movement” as a “grass roots affair” and organized from the ground up by “7 normal humans”  who are concerned about Mother Earth and the consequences that human activity is ruining the planet for future generations!

THIS IS A LIE!….an out and out LIE!

Billionaire Foundations like the Rockefellers and another called the Schumann Center forked out huge amounts of $$$ to fund these “activists” to appear in front of cameras and be written about in newspapers and to get arrested so they could be portrayed as “VICTIMS”.


Well, that answer is worthy of probably the biggest novel ever to be written in modern times but to sum it all up in one sentence: “these Foundations of plenty are nothing more than fronts for a large group of wealthy evil, anti-human individuals who want the planet’s population to be reduced by 95% so they can live in an unfettered elite world where they can exist without ever having to be in contact with the what they consider a sub-species, US!”

Sounds Crazy? It is and the “crazies” are pulling the strings of truth!

See for yourself!

Rockefellers behind ‘scruffy little outfit’

Vivian Krause, Special to Financial Post | Feb 14, 2013

Anti-Keystone protests get millions in funding

Nothing influences President Barack Obama’s decision on the Keystone XL pipeline quite like the protests against it, led by Bill McKibben, an American environmentalist, and his organization, called 350.org. On Wednesday, 350.org and the Sierra Club participated in an anti-Keystone protest at the White House and this Sunday they are holding another one on Capital Hill. They expect 20,000 people from across the United States.

350.org has the look and feel of an amateur, grassroots operation, but in reality, it is a multi-million dollar campaign run by staff earning six-digit salaries.

By my analysis of information from the U.S. Foundation Center and the tax filings of American charitable foundations, McKibben’s campaigns have received more than 100 grants since 2005 for a total of US$10-million from 50 charitable foundations. Six of those grants were for roughly US$1-million each.

In the interest of fairness and transparency, McKibben should fully disclose 350.org’s funding and the Rockefellers and other charitable foundations that have been bankrolling the anti-Keystone campaign should come out from the shadows.

Since 2006, McKibben has led three campaigns: Step it Up, 1Sky and 350.org. Each campaign built on the previous one. In the summer of 2006, Step it Up organized a protest walk across Vermont to push for a moratorium on coal-fired power plants and other federal actions. Created in 2007, 1Sky began a national movement to jump-start a clean energy economy. 350.org built on 1Sky and in April of 2011, the two campaigns officially merged.

More than half of the US$10-million came from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), the Rockefeller Family Fund and the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, where McKibben, a trustee, was paid US$25,000 per year (2001-09). Since 2007, the Rockefellers have paid US$4-million towards 1Sky and 350.org, tax returns say. The Schumann Center provided US$1.5-million to McKibben’s three campaigns as well as US$2.7-million to fund the Environmental Journalism Program at Middlebury College, in Vermont, where McKibben is on staff.

The founders of the Schumann Center were John J. Schumann Jr. and Florence Ford, a former president of General Motors Acceptance Corp. and the daughter of one of the founders of IBM, respectively.

Last spring, I emailed McKibben to ask about his campaign funding. He replied twice, but did not mention the Rockefellers or the Schumann Center, where he had been a trustee for 10 years. Last week, I again asked McKibben about his funding. He said that Step It Up, 1Sky or 350.org reimburse him for travel expenses, but do not pay him a fee for his services. To its credit, 350.org now provides an online list of the 30 foundations that funded the campaign in 2011. Until this week, the Schumann Center was not on the list and yet tax returns show that in 2011, Schumann paid US$311,300 to 350.org and 1Sky. 350.org admitted this week that the Schumann Center had been omitted from the list. It has since been added.


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