Kathleen Wynne: the new “boss” same as the “old boss”! …. we won’t be fooled again!

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Remember the Who’s song? “We won’t be fooled again”………..you should…….you hear it every time CSI is shown on TV.

Kathleen Wynne is hanging onto her predecessor’s words like they were written on a tablet on top of a mountain somewhere in the Holy Land!

She has publicly affirmed that she will be “going forward” with the Green Energy debacle she signed unto in May of 2009 along with 58 other Gang Greeners as if all the reports and documents since then on how truly devastating this Bill 150 has been on Ontario’s future as a viable Province, were just mere “irrelevant pieces of gobbly gook”!

Almost to a fault she is “parroting” Dalton McGuinty’s words of “Everything Green is Beautiful” as if Dalton had her sitting on his lap with his hand up her back pulling on the strings like a puppet master!

Wynne has promised to “renew the Liberal Party” and embrace a new future for Ontario!

Here’s a little REALITY Kathleen: Ontarians are sick and tired of the slop being offered up by a tired old political gaggle of hacks who don’t do what they promise, don’t care what happens when things go horribly wrong and are fed up paying for YOUR mistakes and disgusting practises of using tax payer’s dollars to finance your fool hardy programs!

Her favourite buzz words lately are: “Going forward”

Complete this sentence: “Going forward ……………….to the brink of disaster!”

Wynne: greed energy will remain part of the agenda

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By Jeff Bolichowski, The Standard
Wind turbines for the willing could be part of Ontario’s new premier’s approach to green energy. Premier Kathleen Wynne told reporters Thursday her government would not step back from green energy. But she said the voices of towns and residents must be heard as new projects go forward. “I have made a commitment that, as we go forward, the procurement processes need to take municipal and community input into greater account,” she said. She conceded some projects have already secured approvals. “I’m focused on the go-forward, how we make sure these projects are going to willing communities.”

The comments, made on a conference call with reporters from Hamilton and Niagara, come with wind turbines causing a stir in west Niagara. Residents both for and against a pending turbine project have swamped West Lincoln town council, while Wainfleet is facing legal action for seeking a larger distance between turbines and homes.

But Wynne said green energy will remain part of the agenda. “I want everyone to understand that I’m not backing away from green energy (and) clean, renewable energy,” she said. “The reality is that we are leaders in terms of North America. “We need to find a way to continue on that track.” Read article


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