Ontario’s “Green Scam architects” finally leave office! …. disgraced and hated by Rural Ontarians!!!

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Chris Bentley finally called it quits today and left his old job of ruining Ontario for generations to come. Along with his absence is Dwight Duncan who had a fairly large hand in the dismantling of Ontario’s future and will now retire into a big easy chair inside a law firm on Bay Street.

These two guys aren’t the only ones who were part of Gang Green inside McGuinty’s gaggle of green gerbils but they did have a crack at it!

At the time of the Green Energy Act in 2009 of course we all remember George Smitherman as the mouthpiece for all that’s wrong with it and of course when the voting day came in May of 2009, we even see the NDP crazies got their withered little green fingers in on it!

Peter Tabuns along with Andrea Horwath led the charge and still show no remorse for their part in this near criminal act in Ontario’s long history.

Actually all the MPP’s at Queen’s Park have added their personalities to this odious act and the stark reality of their actions is all too visible in Ontario with thousands of huge Wind Turbines sucking money out of people’s pockets while blowing the economic future of Ontario away!

How the above characters who just left the pink building can even stand living with themselves after what they have done to fellow citizens of Ontario makes one wonder if they even have a soul!

We are in probably the darkest time in the history of this one great Province and the faces of the ones who have taken us there will never be forgotten, even though they wish they were!

Below the following headline on Bentley are 3 quick videos that he definitely doesn’t want you to see………………TOO BAD!!

We don’t thank you, Mr. Bentley. We don’t thank you.

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Anyone get a response from Chris Bentley to your questions and concerns on wind developments?
He retires today, conveniently.


Dwight Duncan enters private sector: Joins law firm McMillan LLP

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Dwight Duncan; Dalton McGuinty

Windsor Star
It’s official: Dwight Duncan is off to the private sector. Starting March 1, the former Ontario finance minister and MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh will have a new job title: “senior strategic adviser” for corporate, commercial and business law firm McMillan LLP. “I’m looking forward to a different pace — a different lifestyle than what I’ve been leading up until now,” said Duncan in a phone interview on Wednesday. Read article



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