No wonder the Libs are quitting their jobs …. who would want to face the public after what they’ve done to Ontario!

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McGuinty’s gone……….Bentley, Duncan, Bartolucci, and in fact most of the signatories of the Green Energy Act have either quit or been thrown out of office by the electorate because of their involvement in what is probably the worst destruction of Ontario’s industry, health, homes, farmland, financial future and wild lands ever in our modern history.

Who wouldn’t quit and go into hiding when the real BIG picture is announced as stated below.

Why would any of these gutless boobs want to face the music when people in Ontario finally “clue in” to how they have been “hoodwinked and robbed” of their lands and heritage of Ontario!

One can only imagine how Kathleen Wynne will try and spin this disaster! Maybe she has shaken McGuinty’s hand and said: “…look Dalt……I’ll take the heat for you guys when you hit the mattresses, but when it’s all said and done and I’ve been kicked to the curb and spat on by the electorate, YOU had better guarantee that “special” job you promised me because I want to retire, early, rich and above the common people who have to go out and work twice as hard to clean up YOUR mess!” ….This could be “Dalt’s reply:  “…remember Kathy, you also were part of this Green scam and I have your signature to prove it, so don’t try that BS on me”!!!

Below is a short history of who the players are in this and how we got here:

Good clean green giant wind power: coming soon to a park near you!

Posted by  on Feb 9, 2013

Many people in Ontario have this belief that Crown land is “ours” and that we have a say in what happens to it. The more gullible of us even believe that Crown land, especially those lands that are currently parks, are meant to be preserved as part of Ontario’s natural heritage.

You would be wrong.

The proposed wind power project at Ostrander Point is a case in point, where a 9-turbine wind power project has been approved for a “globally significant” bird area and an area already noted officially by Ontario as having rare plant life and wetlands.



“This Land is YOUR Land……….this Land is MY Land!”………… NOT!!!…it belongs to McGuinty!!!!!

McGuinty and his Green buddies have locked up nearly a million square hectares of Crown Land for Wind Turbine development which basically removes any “input” from the public on what effects this will have on wildlife, financial security or indebtedness by tax payers and consumers of electricity.

No wonder McGuinty fled Queen’s Park in such a hurry. Now he can run roughshod over any Democratic review of this destructive Green Energy Scam!!!!


Skypower grabs Crown Land

So this is the way business is being done today with our “new” Ministry of Natural Resources! If you can recall the “good old days” of Mike Harris and friends when they stated publicly “Ontario is now open for business”, then this may be the results of his “tweeking” of our Ministries guidelines for doing business.

Last time I checked “Crown Land” belonged to the people of Ontario and were a sacred trust of the Crown to be guarded and reserved for the people!

How wrong I have been all these years…………..

Of course with the new guidelines on bidding for Crown Land SkyPower didn’t break any laws here but when there are no laws to break then there doesn’t seem to be any “control” left on the sanctity ofCrown Lands in general.

This is so sad for our heritage lands and protected areas to be now “on the block” to the highest bidder!

February 29, 2008
Peter Gorrie
Toronto Star
(Feb 29, 2008)

Cameron Lewis figured he was in for bad news when he learned the people at the head of the line had been there for five days.

Lewis had come to Peterborough to apply for potential wind power sites on Ontario Crown land. He’d arrived 11 hours before the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources would begin accepting applications — 8 a.m., Feb. 20.

He found himself just fifth in line, and under previous ministry rules he would have had an excellent chance to get the sites where his two-year-old Environmental Electric Co. Inc. planned to erect wind turbines to generate electricity.

But the ministry changed the rules in January. It created a winner-take-all procedure that could shut out the remaining applicants.

The impact became clear just before the opening when, with 15 or 20 people now shivering in line, a car pulled up to the ministry office and unloaded five file boxes.

The line-sitters, employed by Toronto-based SkyPowerCorp., carried the boxes inside to be time stamped.

“We thought, ‘uh oh, (the ministry) made a big mistake here’,” Lewis says. “They opened it up to a land rush. … It allows one company to monopolize all the Crown land. That’s pretty much what happened.”

Ministry officials are now busy assessing the applications, which cost $1,000 each. If all of those from SkyPower were accepted, critics say, the company would control virtually all the remaining locations in Ontario where wind power might be effective and profitable.

Lewis estimates the cartons held at least 200 application forms — eight pages each, and six copies required. That would be enough for sites totalling nearly one million hectares scattered throughout the province. In one chunk, the area would be bigger than Algonquin Provincial Park.

About 87 per cent of Ontario — or roughly 94 million hectares, mainly in the north — is Crown land, but only a small fraction of that is suitable for wind power. Last week’s opening also included applications for offshore sites in Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron.

The effort to get sites signals that wind energy has moved from the fringe of electricity generation on to the main stage. In fact, it’s attracting billions of dollars in investment across Canada, says the Canadian Wind Energy Association, based in Calgary.

No one is suggesting SkyPower did anything illegal or unethical. Criticism centres on the government policy and a result that few appear to have foreseen


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