Most of Ontario’s “Gang Green” have quit …… some remain though ….. like Wynne!

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday Duncan jumps ship, then Bartolucci and today Bentley pulls the plug!

Rat’s leaving the sinking ship SS McGuinty?

What could all this mean?………………….could it be that now that Ontario has been successfully castrated by the Green Energy Act that these foul miscreants have completed their “end game” of bringing Ontario to a Third World status as they were intent on doing?

Denmark is a basket case like Ontario because of their Green Nightmare!

59 MPP’s back in May of 2009 signed onto the Bill 150, The Green Energy Act. 4 NDP MPP’s which included Andrea Horwath were also included in this Liberal terror of anti-democratic legislation, the likes Ontario has never seen before. This current Government contained “39 hanger’s onwhich I would suggest, made sure this Bill never got dismantled until the Wind Industry had it’s “pound of flesh”, signed, sealed and delivered”!

Ont. Energy Minister Chris Bentley to resign from politics


Chris Bentley

Chris Bentley. (QMI Agency files)

LONDON, Ont. — Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley is resigning from politics, the third cabinet minister to announce his decision to step down this week.

The London West Liberal MPP announced Friday morning that he plans to resign his seat from the legislature on Feb. 14.

“It has been an honour to serve you as your MPP since October, 2003, and to have served in the cabinet for the same period,” Bentley said in a statement to his constituents. “We have accomplished a great deal together. Although it is a hard decision, it is time. … It is time to start writing the next chapter in my life, one with more room for my wife Wendy, and my daughters Julia and Jocelyn.


  1. […] gone……….Bentley, Duncan, Bartolucci, and in fact most of the signatories of the Green Energy Act have either quit or been thrown out of office by the electorate because of their involvement in what is probably […]

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