Exposing the Politicians who have sold our country OUT! .. This is not a conspiracy “theory” …… yet IS a conspiracy!!!

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

If people have a tough time wrapping their heads around Agenda 21, The Club of Rome and all the other craziness from the United Nations that encircles what’s going on world-wide right now with the downfall of Industrialized countries and the pissing away of YOUR wealth by politicians and power brokers, this has to be watched!

Ann Bressington, an MLA in Australia gives you the straight goods on how, since 1968 a Global Governmental Gang has “publicly declared” how they will ruin YOUR lives and take over a Governance of virtually every single thing you do in life to survive!

This is not a THEORY, but a published and declared out and out war on you and your children’s lives that can only be described as a bunch of psychopaths without any medication to cure their mental ills!

Global Warming and the “Greening” of the world was the lynch pin in this out and out attack on Free Society!

Be warned ……this should wake you up!


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