If you think Ontario is badly governed you should see what is happening in Britain! …. this is disgusting!

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Are Government’s world-wide being run by out and out PSYCHOPATHS?

We think we have it tough here in Ontario. Of course there are families now without homes because of McGuinty’s Green Scam and others are ill and there could even be the odd death attributed to his green actions!

McGuinty for well over 4 years now has literally ruined Rural Ontario with his Green Energy Plan and in the process has basically caused all of Ontario  middle to low income families to become Energy poor because of rising electricity prices to support his Wind Scam……………………..

This is just one act of a “dictatorship” that is hell bent on destroying the economy of a region. Let’s get outside of Ontario for a moment and look at what has happened Globally. De-regulation of Banking allowed scumbags around the world to literally steal trillions of dollars from ordinary people with a “housing bubble (fraud)” that enabled Governments/Financial scumbags the ability to get rich on forcing people from their homes. At the same time Government;s around the world are all forcing the Wind Scam down everyone’s throats whether they work or not!

Then comes the RECESSION…..at least that’s what “they” call it. It’s actually the fact that the money has been stolen and been handed out to the few who stole it, only to demand that it be replaced by the very people it was stolen from!

I could go on but your getting the idea………….Wind is just one act but it’s somewhat the same as the BIG SCAM…………….robbery of our money and then resulting destitution for the masses!

So now we see what’s happening in England, as if you thought Ontario had it bad.

As of April 1st/2013 anyone on Government benefits and are living in a house with more bedrooms that the actual benefit clients need will be DEDUCTED a percentage of their benefits according to the number of extra bedrooms!!!!!

Here’s what that means. If you had a Son and Daughter move out of home to go to University and when they completed their studies tried to come back home and you were receiving Government benefits because your a victim of the Government’s THEFT of Public Funds, they won’t have any where to sleep in your own home if you’ve removed their bedrooms!

What the bloody hell? Has the world got completely nuts? Have Governments so lost their way that can’t even relate to fellow human beings any more? Or is it that the prerequisite of becoming a politician in power is that you must qualify to be a complete PSYCOPATH?

My guess is the latter!

How Iain Duncan Smith is contributing to family breakdown

Bernadette Meaden’s blog 

Portrait of Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP

Amongst the avalanche of changes coming from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) at the moment, one in particular gives rise to a terrible irony.

Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State responsible for pushing these changes through, is on record as blaming many of society’s ills on the breakup of families; in fact he practically invented and heavily promoted the whole idea of ‘Broken Britain’. In 2007 he wrote about, ‘strengthening the institution of marriage through the tax and benefit system so that children can grow up in stable families.’

He is now forcing through measures which will make broken families more likely.

From 1st April, people in social housing and in receipt of Housing Benefit, who are deemed by the authorities to have one or more spare bedrooms in their home, will face a cut to their benefit.

If they are deemed to have one spare bedroom, they will lose 14 per cent. Two spare bedrooms will result in a 25 per cent cut. The National Housing Federation says this will affect ‘an estimated 660,000 working-age social tenants’.

For many struggling on low incomes (working or unemployed), this will be unsustainable. They won’t be able to pay their rent and will either get into debt or move to find cheaper accommodation, with all the upheaval that entails.

But when is a bedroom a ‘spare’ bedroom? The rules are clear and inflexible, taking no account of the complexity of people’s lives. Numerous stories are emerging of how people will be affected, from the divorced father not allowed a bedroom for his children when they come to stay, to the parents no longer allowed to keep a room for their son or daughter in the Armed Forces, giving them nowhere to sleep when they return to the family home.

One rule seems to be particularly perverse. It states ‘foster children are not counted as part of the household for benefit purposes’. So, foster children, who may have had a traumatic start in life, are not allowed their own room. If younger than 10 they must share with another child of either gender, and if under 16 they must share with a child of the same gender. It takes very little imagination to think of the problems this might cause in such a fragile family structure. Two teenage boys, perhaps unrelated, perhaps troubled, forced to share a bedroom. Probably a small bedroom, because let’s face it, we’re not talking about mansions here.

But perhaps most egregious is the way these rules affect disabled people, and particularly families with disabled children. Even if a child is disabled, possibly needing medical equipment in the room, possibly sleeping badly and requiring attention in the night, they will still be expected to share with a sibling. If the sibling then suffers from broken sleep and has problems at school, so be it.

Being eligible for Housing Benefit, such families are by definition not wealthy. They may struggle with the extra expense of caring for a disabled child, and probably experience more stress and worry than many families. For the government to barge into a situation like this and dictate that they either move house or become poorer is simply cruel.

Last year the Court of Appeal held that these rules discriminated against disabled people. Undeterred, the DWP has been granted leave to appeal in the Supreme Court.

When families are placed under unbearable financial pressure, or forced to move house unwillingly, it will in some cases contribute to a relationship breakdown. Mr Duncan Smith will have helped bring about the very circumstances he has spent years deploring.

As realisation dawns and people become aware of what these new rules mean for them, a resistance is beginning. Perhaps the Bedroom Tax will become the new Poll Tax.

  1. Mike says:

    Sorry but you are wrong on this. The UK now spends more on welfare than on Health, Education and Defence COMBINED. Blair and Co spent all the money and left us with enormous debts

    It now pays better to live on state benefits than to work if you are on UK average earnings – and the more kids the better. In the UK we have an overclass ( Bankers, Politicians and Corporations) who have ripped us off and still go unpunished. But we also have a massive underclass who live off the state and have no intention of working.

    No political party here seems to have the solution. Every interest group squeals loudly as its state subsidies are reduced. But tough. The 80% of us in the middle are taxed ever more heavily to support the idle rich and the idle poor. Sure there are many good rich people and many deserving poor people. But too many of both who are NOT deserving of sympathy here in the UK.

    The UK is paying £120,000,000 PER DAY in interest alone just to fund its national debt. The state now gobbles up 45%+ of our GDP – much of it wasted .

    Shrinking state expenditure is both imperative and morally the right thing to do in the UK and Europe. Otherwise we leave impossible debts for the next generation. But if anyone knows how to turn base metal into gold and water into wine, I suggest they write to No 10 Downing Street !

  2. Karen b says:

    Recently read the novel, Agenda 21. Thought it was a bit fetched even though facts and statistics are given at the end epilogue — but in recent weeks and with this article perhaps Glen Becks and Harriet Parke’s novel is marching towards reality.

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