Harper “praises” McGuinty! …. what for? …. destroying Ontario’s economy?????

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Politics makes for “very strange bedfellows”!

Now there’s an understatement! Today Harper shakes McGuinty’s hand and thanks him for being a “good partner” and says that he hopes the next Premier can continue: “a great partnership and I hope it continues.”


With a wish like that we should all think about moving to Saskatchewan so we can live out the rest of our short lives on this orb with food on the table! This 10 year old Government of Ontario has done more harm to this once great Province than any pandemic of virus like Sars could do in the history of this Province.

Mainstream news will blast this photo op on every TV channel tonight as if the “second coming” had just happened!

Too bad people in Ontario are fairly educated or they just might get away with “someone actually believing” what they see and read!

Ask the one of 600,000 out of work Ontarians what they think of this “mocked up BS”!

Ask one of the 50,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets of Toronto trying to not lose fingers and toes in this frigid nightmare called winter. Ask one of the tens of thousands of people lining up at the Food Banks trying to grab a little sustenance for their children so they can go to bed tonight with a full stomach!

Ask any of these poor souls what they think of these two buffoons shaking hands and glorifying the massive 10 billion dollar a year interest payments on Ontario’s debt load what they think.

I’m sure the answers would not be printable!

Harper praises ‘great partnership’ with McGuinty

Prime Minister and outgoing premier share kind words at auto announcement

Jan 23, 2013

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had nothing but compliments for each other during an announcement at the Toyota automotive plant in Cambridge, Ont.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had nothing but compliments for each other during an announcement at the Toyota automotive plant in Cambridge, Ont. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had kind words for outgoing Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty on Wednesday and said he hopes that their “great partnership” will continue with a new leader.

“I hope that with the new premier we will continue the close working relationship that Dalton and I have had over the past several years,” Harper said from a Toyota plant in Cambridge, Ont., where he and McGuinty were announcing $34 million in joint funding for an Ontario-built hybrid car.

Asked by a reporter what he hoped for from the new premier, who will be chosen this weekend in Toronto, Harper waxed philosopical about political differences. All politicians share similar challenges, opportunities, problems and limitations, he said.

“I think it has been shown over the past several years that when governments work together and particularly work together on the economy, the results are much better,” he said.

Harper said it’s been “a great partnership and I hope it continues.”

McGuinty returned the affection in kind, saying the province and the federal government had worked together on such issues as the Harmonized Sales Tax and greater representation for Ontario in the House of Commons.

“I’m proud of the fact that we have found common ground,” he said.

The kind words belie the sometimes rocky relationship between the two governments. Last year, for example, Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan called the federal budget “penny wise and pound foolish.” Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty responded by calling Ontario’s government “sad” and “badly mismanaged.”

McGuinty stepping down without regrets

McGuinty, who will keep his seat in Ottawa South, expressed no regrets as he fielded questions from the media.


  1. ComputerEngineer says:

    I have watched my province of birth become a 3rd world crap hole police state. The damage this government has done can not be undone. Now we have a lesbian ex-school teacher premier to explain how it is all just peachy keen? I am planning to leave my country for good.. Perhaps communist China.

  2. Tom Blacksmith says:

    Not surprising from the CBC public funded government mouth-piece.

  3. If I remember correctly, I believe Team Harper Tories and Team McGuinty Liberals worked together to defend Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act against challenge at the WTO not that long ago, too.

    The “centrist” Agenda wins, taxpayers and consumers lose… I’m seeing a pattern here, as well as globally.

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