Wind Turbine “vandalism” in Haldimond County …Who could have done this?

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

A late news story last night in the London Free Press states: Vandals target Wind Turbine“.

Apparently this damage was done late Friday evening according to the OPP and an investigation is ongoing.

This is the same location where a week prior to this an Eagle’s Nest was torn apart by a crew authorized to do so under McGuinty-controlled Ministry of Natural Resources.

Since last night we now have the proverbial finger-pointing going on with accusations that anti-wind protesters may be the most likely suspects.

One must take a deep breath here and look at the whole Pro/Anti Wind players in this long battle over the years and see “who” would be the best suspect in an illegal act such as this.

First of all, the OPP are not stupid and do consider all possibilities before they act on any firm charges.


We first must consider the anti-wind group here which consists of thousands of hard working, honest Ontario Citizens who are basically fighting for their very existence on their land and in their homes which has taken many lifetimes in most cases to build and maintain.

They are literally being driven from their homes by this massive Industrialization of Rural Ontario and for many many years now have been organizing across many fronts to oppose this Government backed Scam!

Many thousands of meetings and engagements across Ontario over the past 5 years and not ONE single illegal act to show for all the protesting. The anti-wind groups are all committed to a single purpose To LEGALLY pursue actions to stop Wind Development in Ontario and protect their homes and families from harm.

Simple isn’t it?


This group is small but ruthless in their main purpose which is to make untold billions of dollars off a SCAM that is probably the worst “con job” ever perpetrated on a citizenry with complete complicity of a Provincial Government, now in hiding, to avoid scandalous accusations in the public forum.

The Wind Developers (investors) use false advertising, false claims of performance, lobby group pressure on politicians and a corrupt ACT like the Bill 150, Green Energy Act as their “cloak” to do harm to the people of rural Ontario with their false Green Energy Developments like Wind Turbines.

Their so-called “public-meetings” which are to inform the citizenry of their plans before development are nothing more than a biased one-sided “dog and pony show” and are actually used to intimidate and create chaos within communities Ontario-wide. To ramp up the discontent even more, these “developers” actually call in Police and hire security guards as if they were under threat of physical harm. This is called a false flag of opportunity when a group tries to create an “appearance of harm” by a group which does not advocate harm!

The only reason these investors want to plant as many Wind Turbines as fast as possible without suffering any consequences is to make MONEY!

When huge amounts of MONEY are at stake then one can only expect dramatic actions to occur in order to ensure the outcome.

So there ya have it. If anyone needs a finger pointed at them my bets would be on the ones who stand to make the most money on this SCAM!


Vandals target wind turbine 

By Jonathan Sher, The London Free Press

Sunday, January 20, 2013 10:09:45 EST PM

OPP logo


Six days after Ontario officials allowed an energy company to remove a bald eagle’s nest to make way for industrial wind turbines, one of those turbines has been vandalized.

OPP in Haldimand County believe the vandals struck the Summerhaven Wind farm project overnight Friday, painting a disassembled tower, setting a fire and causing about $60,000 damage.

Wind farm opponents were angered when Ontario’s Natural Resources Ministry OK’d the removal of the nest over the objection of its own consultant.


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