Suzlon Wind Developer tells residents to “shut up or we’ll call the police on you!”

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

No wonder Rural Ontarians are “mad as hell and won’t take it any more” from the “Wind Scum” Developers and Provincial politicians who are backing these foul creatures!!!!

If urban dwellers like Toronto ever had to put up with this type of behaviour the police would be called in to protect the developers, not the protesters!

Maybe it’s about time that “city folk” like those in Toronto and London and Windsor open their eyes and see what is going on just outside their little “cocoons of concrete”.

These are your fellow Ontarians and are screaming at the top of their lungs for the PEOPLE to wake the hell up and fight back!

This next story may be in Australia but Suzlon is one of McGuinty’s select wind buddies as well and even tough Suzlon hasn’t committed this offence here yet, their counterparts that are building these monstrosities in rural Ontario treat rural communities here the same way!

Good Corporate neighbours……..NOT

Their backers are running right now to take over for McGuinty who is selling off Ontario in China right now………….take them to task and ask some tough questions!!!!

Sit down and shut up – or we’ll call the police

January 20, 2013 By  3 Comments


You will enter the room only if you have the right colored card.

You will not ask questions until we say you can ask questions.

If you cause trouble, we will call the police and you will be removed.

A public meeting held in a small South Australian outback town has shed new light on how wind farm companies now run “community consultation” sessions – by calling the police on locals when things get heated.

REpower tried to coral up to 120 people into a series of small, more-easily managed groups during an outspoken meeting on January 13.

Locals were told they had to queue for colored cards to gain access to 20-minute company presentations. And only 25 would be admitted at a time.

Questions would not be accepted until after the REpower executives had given their spiel, residents were told.

And when they objected, the company called the police who evicted locals not carrying the right colored card.

Welcome to wind farm consultation Gulag-style – a way of disseminating company propaganda to local communities more akin to Stalinist Russia than 21st century Australia.

Curramulka is 186 km west of Adelaide, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it farming community. It has a pub, a school and a community centre – and passionate locals with deep roots in the area.

REpower Australia is part of the Suzlon Group, an Indian-based multinational wanting to build Australia’s biggest wind farm. Ceres will comprise 199 turbines on the Yorke Peninsula.

Writing in the local paper, the Country Times, Jeff Cook from Minlaton says:

“As I tried to enter the venue I was barred because I didn’t have an orange ticket. After finding where to get one, I was given a yellow ticket, allowing entry to the next session.

“Then a formal announcement was made the sessions would be cancelled and closed because the first one was unruly.

“Shortly after that, a number of us were allowed entry but the presenters were not prepared to take questions from the floor and would only allow 25 people per session and you had to go through the presentation before asking questions.”

Cook says the police were called, sending out any people without the right-colored ticket.

“The invitation to attend said 1-4 pm so I had expected a comprehensive formal presentation with questions from the floor, and answers.”

No such luck, Mr Cook.

Another resident, Clive Redding, says developers treated the local community with contempt, and were unwilling to engage on issues such as wind turbine syndrome or hazards to fire fighting created by turbines.

Farmer Martin Hayles says the wind farm would severely restrict aerial spraying and bating activities but REpower executives seemed confused when asked about this.

Hayles says he was offered turbines but knocked them back and has told police he was allegedly assaulted by one of the project’s developers during the meeting.

Hayles says 250 people are part of the Yorke Peninsula Community Group fighting a project that Senator Nick Xenophon has said is a white elephant that would increase power prices.

Country Times editor Amie Brokenshire says the Ceres wind farm is dividing the community and splitting friendships.

And who is the company behind this project?

Suzlon is a financially troubled wind turbine builder from India that has only managed to stave off bankruptcy after lenders approved a plan to restructure nearly $1.86 billion in debt this month.



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