Wind Turbine Industry developers just a bunch of “Con Artists”?

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

People around the world are fed up with their loss of property values, ill health, damage to their communities, loss of wildlife and many other negative results of Wind Energy development like humongous electricity bills to pad the pockets of a very few select con artists and less than honest investors.

Add to this vile mix a gaggle of corrupt politicians and a mainstream media that parrots the false claims and out and out lies that accompany these con jobs and we have a volatile situation world wide where citizens and tax payers eventually will fight back.

It took many years of false claims and misinformation to set this con up and we all knew it would take years to peel the skin off the rotten onion called renewable Wind Energy.

2013 will be the year the people will bring down this scam and we will witness the beating of chests and the crocodile tears that follow by the very same people who perpetrated this scam when exposed.

It can’t come soon enough!

“The wind industry is a pack of liars,” declares former wind energy lawyer (Australia)

Jan 16, 2013

Editor’s note:  This is the story of a man of conscience.  The story of a scrappy Australian lawyer who did a complete, 180-degree about face on wind turbines.  I have excerpted the story from an exciting new Australian site, Stop These Things.

Most websites devoted to the wind farm scam are limp-wristed, panty-waisted weenies.  (The fancy word is “pusillanimous.”)  They are polite and courteous to these wind energy thugs and their criminal industry.  Stop These Things shines a bright light on the skulduggery of these bums and calls them for what they are:  carpetbaggers, hucksters, and carnies, harvesting tax dollars while laying waste people’s lives and the countryside as they ride pell mell the Green Energy gravy train.  (Read “The ruinous privileges of renewable energy” for a crash course on “greenwashing” and “greenmail” [a “green” version of “blackmail”] in Australia.)


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