Natives in Ontario shut down Wind Turbine Development!

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

The First Nations has basically shut down Nextera’s foul and disgusting development of Wind Turbines in Haldimond County! The reason: The dismantling of an Eagle’s nest to make way for another large grouping of useless monstrosities that do nothing but damage people’s homes, lands, health and now wildlife in a scam that rips people’s money from their pockets for immoral investors and corrupt politicians!

Today in Haldimand County, HDI (Haudenosaunee Development Institute) ordered Capital Power to remove their equipment and workers from 2 wind turbine sites and workers from their Hydro One substation site as well as giving NextEra a message at NextEra’s substation of their outrage regarding the removal of the bald eagle’s nest in their project. The traditional people joined HDI in the action. A Haldimand resident blockaded a wind turbine blade in the area of NextEra’s substation today as well.

Wind Turbine SHUT DOWN in Haldimand!

Posted on 01/17/2013

Natives protesting at wind turbine sites SIMCOE REFORMER
HALDIMAND – Natives are protesting at wind turbine project sites in Haldimand County. “It’s a rotating protest that is going from one site to the next. So far, they’ve been to five or six sites,” Haldimand OPP Const. Mark Foster told the Simcoe Reformer on Thursday afternoon.

Protests are being held in the area of Haldimand Road 55 near Cheapside (towards Nanticoke Industrial Park). Protests have halted construction at some locations. Reports say workers at the wind turbine sites were told to go home. There are no shortage of sites for natives to protest at in Haldimand. About 180 wind turbines are being put up in the county.

Earlier this month, the public was outraged when an eagles’ nest was removed from one of the wind turbine construction sites near Fisherville in Haldimand County. A tree housing the nest was cut down to make way for an access road for the Summerhaven wind turbine project.

Tweets from SHUT DOWN!:

  • Now the #SixNations convoy led by Confederacy is delivering a msg to Nexterra which cut down an eagle’s nest despite ppls rstnce #Brantford
  • @TwoRowSociety Non-Native farmer used his truck to block truck carrying windturbine. Standing with Haudenosaunee Confederacy. #shutitdown #idlenomore
  • @TwoRowSociety “This is not a protest, this is a shut-down”. HDI director Hazel Hill on the confederacy’s shut down of a half dozen sites on the Haldimand.

pictures credit: @TwoRowSociety

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  2. […] is the same location where a week prior to this an Eagle’s Nest was torn apart by a crew authorized to do so under McGuinty-controlled Ministry of Natural […]

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