Mainstream Media in “cahoots” with McGuinty’s “Green Energy spin”………..

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Without Mainstream Media “assisting” in the total ruination of Ontario’s energy sector, we citizens of this once great Province might have been able to salvage what is maybe the biggest SCAM ever to be pulled on an uninformed public.

Rural residents years ago realized that the Green Energy Plan that was passed by Dalton and Gang (includes the NDP) would ruin Ontario’s future for decades to come.

Throughout the whole “reign of Green Energy terror” mainstream media outlets have been literally the “whores of Electric Babylon” with their biased reporting of nonsensical reasoning and pro-Wind Development BS!

Here is a rather concise gathering of media reports after McGuinty announced the coal fired generation closures last week and the only thing they all have in common is the complete “void of truthful reporting”!

Wind Blows

Ian MacLeod’s headline of  January 14, 2013 in the Ottawa Citizen read “Power generated by wind blows past coal output in Ontario”, should more appropriately have been labelled as above but instead his article went on to say energy output from wind in 2012 “surpassed coal output”. His article picks an hour on Friday January 11, 2013 when wind was producing 1,196 MW of power; somehow thinking that comparing that to coal production at the same hour made sense. At that hour Ontario was exporting 1,577 MW of power at a price of 2.2 cents per kWh to New York, Michigan, and elsewhere and the nice ratepayers in Ontario were subsidizing those sales to the tune of about 6 cents a kWh. Obviously we didn’t need that wind production at that hour or any hour but the fact that it’s not needed is ignored by reporters who neglect to look behind the numbers.
Coal production has nothing to do with wind production except to be at the ready when wind fails! Because the Liberal government decreed, via the Green Energy & Economy Act, that “renewable power” from wind and solar is good and “coal production” is bad the media seems to have bought into the “spin” rather then seek out actual “experts” who will provide an educated response to those press releases out of Queens Park.

MacLeod wasn’t the only reporter to buy into the “spin” as John Spear’s (Toronto Star) headline read: “Ontario electricity: Wind out-produces coal”! To put the Spear’s headline in context it might (on his part) have been worth noting that wind gets “first-to-the-grid” rights whereas coal gets “last rights” because the Liberals announced in 2003 that they were shutting down coal production completely and as such the Ontario electricity grid operator, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will only ask for coal-fired electricity to produce when it might save the system from either a blackout or brownout.
The whole process was exacerbated by McGuinty’s appointed Liberal Ministers of Energy including the current “retiring” Minister, Chris Bentley, who posted a self authored diatribe on  Huffington Post that is full of facts but none that connect the facts with closing “dirty” coal plants. The article does claim “investments in solar, wind and other renewable technologies and created nearly 30,000 jobs in construction, manufacturing and innovation.” What Bentley fails to note is that construction jobs outnumber permanent jobs (in this business) by 30:1 meaning the 30,000 jobs he claims have been created; are in fact closer to 1,000 permanent jobs! All this after we were promised 50,000 “green” jobs by George Smitherman, Minister of Energy who pushed the Green Energy and Economy Act through the Legislature in 2009.
Co-incidentally (or am I simply being naive) the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) on January 11, 2013 issued a press release that the Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen both jumped on to expound on the wonders of wind energy in the province, claiming it “beat coal”. The fossil fuel capabilities owned by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are 5,000 MW, but in 2012 produced a meagre 4.3 terrawatt hours (TWh) or enough to power about 450,000 average Ontario homes. The fossil fuel generators ran at that low level because wind and solar get first-to-the grid rights meaning power that may have cost ratepayers 3 or 4 cents per kWh cost them 13.5 to 80 cents per kWh. The subsidized costs for our electricity exports in 2012 (sold for an average of 2.41 cents per kWh) cost Ontario ratepayers about $850 million.
The announced closing of the two coal plants at Lambton and Nanticoke by Minister Bentley brought tears of joy from a CanWEA spokesperson who in the Spears article said they were “delighted” that the electricity produced from the approximately 2000 MW of wind produced 4.6 TWh in 2012. The CanWEA press release of January 13, 2012 had this to say; “According to recent remarks delivered to the Ontario Energy Network Luncheon by Paul Murphy, President and CEO, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), wind energy’s contribution to the Ontario electricity system continues to climb. At just over three per cent of electricity supplied in Ontario in 2012, wind energy’s contribution has now surpassed that of coal.
Interestingly enough the  Market Surveillance Panel Monitoring Report on the IESO-administered Electricity Markets was released the following day and in that report had this to say about fossil fuel-fired generation; “A sharp increase in the amount of fossil fuel-fired generation offered at less than $20/MWh
So while we were paying wind generators 13.5 cents a kWh we were paying OPG the princely sum of 2 cents per kWh and CanWEA are proud of that fact. They are “delighted” that they have driven up ratepayers costs while feathering the nests of their 400 plus members.
On that score a review of the Financial Reports filed with Elections Ontario for 2011 discloses that the corporations involved in providing “renewable” wind and solar energy under those lucrative OPA contracts contributed almost $500,000 to the Liberal Party but only about $25,000 to the NDP and less then $90,000 to the PC Party. Sure looks like some serious back scratching went on as CanWEA itself contributed $14,570 to the Liberals but only $3,000 to the NDP and nothing (0) to the PC Party.
How these two “reporters” from the Toronto Star and the Ottawa Citizen can consider their articles as fact based is an insult to the journalism professionals who present information that allows the reader to view both sides of a story. Failing to seek out information and simply quote the source does a disservice to the profession and to the readers of the story and to the periodicals that employ those writers. In this writer’s opinion their columns should be relegated to the opinion page to ensure the readers understand that the views presented are not facts, they are simply opinions!
Parker Gallant,
January 15, 2013
  1. Ben Had says:

    Big surprise. Media bought into the whole cosmetic pesticides are bad scam as well. If you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth. Fake doctors, false reports, you name it. The green energy program is a scam like so many others this liberal government has forced on the people of Ontario.

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