The “desperate last gasp” of the “Global Warming Scammers”!

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

To all the Global Warming/United Nations/Rio Summit tyrants: here’s your last stab at trying to exist!

Germany Gives Up On Binding Global Climate Treaty, Now Pushing For A “Coalition Of The Willing” On Green Energy

By P Gosselin on 14. Januar 2013

If there ever was a confirmation that the UN climate conferences have been a total failure, then this is it.

According to the German Press Agency (dpa), Germany is now looking for partners in order to found a “coalition of the willing” for implementing the transition to renewable energies. Apparently, the creation of green jobs and green prosperity doesn’t work if you do it by yourself, and only works if everyone around you does it too. About 10 countries will be attending an energy conference in Abu Dhabi today to forge a new renewable energy alliance. Greenpeace is angered by the new German path of voluntary participation.

German Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier said about 10 other countries will launch the coalition. The objective of the conference will be to lay down the groundworks for a close cooperation between willing countries for expanding the use of renewable energies. They’re starting again from scratch.

The DPA writes that the objective of expanding renewable energies is to “strengthen global climate protection in times of rapid global warming.” Obviously someone forgot to tell the DPA and Minister Altmaier that the globe stopped warming 15 years ago. That’s what the IPCC’s main data supplier UEA MetOffice announced recently. There’s no warming at all, let alone rapid warming. The DPA even indirectly admits that global warming is no longer a compelling enough reason to switch over the green energies, adding:

“Moreover, fossil fuel availability is not unlimited and will get more expensive in the future.”



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