Rural Citizens march on their Council! … could this be the first “Citizen’s Revolt”??

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These are just two of the many statements being shouted outside Madawaska Valley Township’s Council Chambers on Monday night when a huge crowd of  “pissed off” Rural Residents marched on their Council’s Regular Meeting taking place on monday night.

Brutally cold and windy, hundreds of tax payers braved the cold to hear their concerns being addressed by 3 delegations inside the warm cozy Council Chambers. Why there wasn’t a different venue for this meeting that would accommodate the employers of these Councillors is still being questioned!

Could this be the beginning of honest hard working citizens taking back control of their own towns and townships in 2013????

Most, not all, but most Municipal Councils across Ontario have been basically “hijacked” by the Provincial Government and have become nothing more than extended “tools” of the Provincial hierarchy at Queen’s Park.

This has been accomplished over many years of the infiltration by Planning Officers and CAO’s within Councils who have been indoctrinated by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA), the Ontario Planners Association and many other Provincially sponsored agencies who’s only intent is to control the dialogue within the 444 Municipal Councils across Ontario.

No amount of BS gobbly gook can convince people to keep taking it up the arse from their Councils any more in the form of excessive taxes, loss of property rights and invasion of privacy and control over their water, energy consumption and loss of social services!

This is what happened in the Madwaska Valley Township.

No way, we won’t pay say residents of MV

Published in the January 9, 2013 edition of The Valley Gazette.

Meagan Pecjak 

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – The residents of the Madawaska Valley (MV) showed their viewpoint when it came to the water and waste water taxation.

Hundreds of protestors could be seen outside the municipal office on January 7, during a regular council meeting.
With only 48 permitted in the council chambers, many of those who attended were forced to stand outside in the bitter cold and wind.
In order for them to properly understand what was being said, a sound system was in place with speakers set up outside.
Inside the chambers, the chanting of “No way, we won’t pay” could be heard.
A sign was place against the glass window of the chambers, saying “septage tax stinks”.
Three delegations occurred, each presenting the issues behind the water and waste taxation.


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  2. It’s so impressive to see such a crowd even show up for a council meeting these days, never mind the fortitude of the “overflow” that had to gather outside in the cold and wind to show their public stand these days – hats off to the people of Madawaska Valley!

  3. This is what needs to happen BGL. Begging, pleading, honesty, petitions, voting, etc. has not accomplished anything other than more wind turbines being shoved down our throats. If our council members won’t stand up for our rights, we have to.

    Good for the people of Madawaska Valley for taking a stand against their council.

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