Eagle’s nest in Haldimand County destroyed by McGuinty’s MNR!……this is an out and out CRIME!

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Try and kill a Canada Goose, a Hawk, a Raven, a Bobolink, or an EAGLE!…………..this is a CRIME. You will be charged and will be punished!

Not so our own enforcement agency the Ministry of Natural Resources who would charge you if you did any of these dastardly deeds!

With McGuinty’s Green Energy Scam running full tilt across the Province, all bets are off when it comes to harm and destruction of animals or humans!

This is a Rogue Government who doesn’t even abide by it’s own laws any more!

YET, we are expected to be lawful and respect our Government OR suffer the consequences. Sounds a bit like pre-war Germany doesn’t it?

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has allowed a Wind Developer, Nextera to cut down a tree which is hosting a home for a Bald Eagle in Haldimand County.

There is a citizen’s group right now attempting to blockade this assault on an endangered species that is so high on the endangered species list that is literally at the top of all that is right or wrong in the “world of wildlife vs. humans” debate.

This company has a track record for wildlife destruction (Altamount Pass in California) so it isn’t much of a stretch when they arrive in Ontario and kill off Bald Eagles for the sake of making a pile of cash off the Green Energy Scam!

Hang your collective heads Ontario……..we have now turned our backs on everything Ontario has stood for centuries…a sanctuary for oppressed peoples and endangered wildlife!

Urgent. Blockade forming NOW! (Sat Morning 9 am)

Posted on 01/05/2013 by 

MNR and Nextera are removing a bald eagle nest and cutting down it’s tree today – equipment is there. We need a show of a support, preferably a blockade!!

South of Fishersville regional rd 12 at the corner of Lake shore road.

Here’s the heart wrenching results!!!!!

Wind turbine company Nextera & MNR destroy Bald Eagle Nest & habitat

Posted on 01/05/2013 by 

nexterrorToday, at approximately 10:30am, Florida based wind company Nextera Energychainsawed down the tree limb (large cottonwood) holding  a beautiful, active, bald eagle nest (species of Special Concern in Ontario).
How is this possible? Yesterday at 5:00pm the MNR gave a permit to this corporation to destroy this eagle pairs nest, and cut down the tree— as long as they were able to do it by January 6th – tomorrow. In typical cold government language, it is justified that the tree and nest should be removed as it was“scheduled to be removed for the construction of a road, and within 20 metres of the blade sweep of a proposed turbine“.

More famous quotes from the MNR:
“By removing the nest before January 6th it is anticipated they will find another suitable nest location and will avoid disturbing them during their critical nesting period…….Removing the nest will reduce the risk of eagle mortality at the site.

  1. A long hard road ahead but well worth the efforts……….to dismantle this “climate of corruption” will take many many more caring humans to “rake through the rot at the top” and cleanse this Province of the “guilty purveyors of doom”!

  2. I keep saying BGL, that the only way we’re going to stop this assault on our beautiful province is with civil disobedience. All bets are off when it comes to this scam being rammed down our throats.

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