Ontario Citizens have reached the “Breaking Point” over the “unlawful political development of Green Energy Scam”

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

2013 may go down as the year Ontarians lash back at Government Officials at all levels for their unlawful and anti-democratic push to force Wind Turbines into Rural Ontario’s back yards!

With family members and neighbours suffering health problems which aren’t recognized by our very own “Health Authorities” even though it’s been proven that they have ignored reports from their very own Ministries claiming there does exist a very real problem here, it’s no wonder that ordinary law-abiding citizens have had enough!

With a Premier in hiding, trying to avoid possible criminal charges of contempt and a bevy of “followers” all trying to replace him even though they will never even mention his name, this Province right now is ripe for a “damn good house-cleaning”!

To all Ontarians that love this Province and want to leave a legacy to your children that you stood up for their future, take a solid stand and start right at your local Council’s doorstep and demand the same as this brave soul is asking:

Councils must break the law!

Posted on 01/01/2013 by 

A husband, father of two and “receptor 111″, speaks to North Middlesex  township council, and it’s lawyer, at a public meeting organized to discuss the impending 45 wind turbine Nextera Bornish project that is up for provincial approval.  His message to council: Break the Law (GEA).


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