Have the Green Energy parasites bled their hosts dry?

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

We’ve all wondered when this Green Energy Scam that was unleashed in Ontario was to “come to an end”!

Would there be a limit to the amount of land available for these wind monstrosities to be planted? Would the public finally find someone in the legal profession that may show a “semblance” of sanity in the outrageous harm that has been done to home owners in Rural Ontario by dishonourable politicians in cahoots with greedy investors? Would the end of a “regime of green terror” like the McGuinty Liberals send the “Greenies into oblivion”?

None of the above may be the answer here.

What might of happened and is probably the best guess is that the public purse has dried up. No more money. No more free hand outs to ENGO’s, extreme eco-religious groups who “believe in end of the world global warming scenarios” or just plain good economic reality that Wind Turbines were meant to fail from the beginning in providing long term return on short term investment.

This is why a Scam is a Scam, no matter how well it’s dressed and presented. It was always meant to rip people off their hard earned money and can’t exist beyond the dates when the bills come due!

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association may have run out of Award Winners

I penned an article about the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s (OSEA) 3rd Annual Community Power Conference over a year ago but hadn’t seen anything about a 4th Annual Community Power Conference and it now appears there wasn’t one!
The foregoing is probably some good news for Ontario’s taxpayers and ratepayers as the conference sponsors have principally been from taxpayer supported public sector companies, like the Ontario Power Authority, the City of Toronto, York University, CMHC and a host of others that obtain grants and handouts from the Ministry of Energy (Community Power Fund, etc.), the Trillium Foundation, etc. The age of austerity (salacious innuendo intended) having arrived in Ontario, via the Spring budget of Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, has perhaps made the handouts/sponsorships that OSEA sought unavailable; due to budget constraints.
Another possible reason for lack of the 4th “Conference” may have been the fact that the “keynote” address by the reigning Minister of Energy would have appeared less then sincere or genuine, since the Minister, Chris Bentley, has announced his retirement from politics after having been found in contempt of parliament.

Yet another reason may have simply been that the nominating committee for the annual awards at the conference looked around the room and discovered that there were no candidates to nominate that hadn’t already received an award.
Whatever reason, on behalf of the taxpayers and ratepayers of the province, I think we should give small thanks that there was no 4th Annual Community Power Conference.
Parker Gallant,
December 26, 2012
Footnote: It appears that OSEA has not completely abandoned the conference concept as they have joined forces with CanSIA for an “All-Energy Event” in October 2013 so they will no doubt be busy lining up taxpayer and ratepayer dollars for the next 10 months or so. OSEA has also invited us all to contribute to their “Roadmap to 2020” in which they envisage a world that among other visions includes: Cities are quiet, vehicles are electric, sidewalks are wide, bicycles are ubiquitous;”. 


Editors interpretation of the above “vision”: “Isn’t that the description of a third world country where people live in huts and eat rats for sustenance because they can’t afford a fossil-fuelled industrial base”?

  1. […] Kris Stevens of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and Gillian McEachern of Environmental Defence (ED) must have backroom buddies inside the Toronto Star in order to get their “psycho-babble” published as a “story” instead of having a masthead hovering over their misinformation and utter nonsense as an “Advertisement”! […]

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